All that we don't see

Its that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, a feeling of being watched, or that there's something else. Its those people that just stick out in a crowd for no apparent reason. Its all those things we just cant explain. Its every time that you feel that there has to be more.


1. Just out of grasp and on the tip of the tongue


           Just out of grasp


Don't you ever feel like there has to be something more?

 She couldn't help but stop and stare a bit at the strip of text. The question was simple enough, she just couldn't quite fit her head around it.

It was probably written with graffiti on the wall by some alien crazed schoolboy, but something about it struck a cord. Many people claimed to have had ghost encounters, others that there were many aliens in the universe and that they were all out to destroy earths inhabitants.

Then of course, there were religions. Regardless of which religion one followed, they all believed in there being something more, beyond our grasp and power.

Maybe the unnerving part of the question was that Yes, she did feel like there was something more, or rather, that she knew that there was, that she was so very small and insignificant, and there was something, just there, something far beyond reality.


           Harriet jumped at the sound. She felt a bit stupid as she noticed that it was simply a group of girls sitting down at a table a bit away from her own. Blushing lightly, she focused on her computer screen again. She was trying hard to concentrate on her essay, but with the girls laughing loudly in the background, this became a great feat.

Harriet closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. Take a deep breath, then out.... One of the girls laughed loudly. Okay, relax, don't let it get to you, its completely normal for a group of friends to go out. Breathe, and then go back to what you were doing.

Harriet took a deep breath and opened her eyes again, looking up. She looked at the girls. There were five of them, all of them seemed to be in their early twenties, probably college students. They were sitting at a round table, their bags and coats hanging on their chairs or lying on the floor. Three of them had menu's, and the two others were looking over their shoulders to look as well. Everything about it was normal.

     But Harriet just couldn't help noticing how the entire picture seemed fuzzy, and it almost looked shimmering. Even the sound seemed to be muffled. It was if there was a wall of clear glass in-between Harriet and the girls.

     She wanted to walk over there and touch the surface, just to see what would happen, but she knew that nothing would. It had happened many times. She saw the wall, and knew it was there, herself on one side and everyone and everything else on the other. But every time she reached out and touched, it disappeared. Sometimes people would look strangely at her as she stared into the thin air, her hand grasping it, trying to reach something that didn't exist.

She had stopped trying to reach it.




     On the tip of the tongue

It was like searching for the right word, and having it just there, on the edge of your mind, just there, making you aware that you know it, but not being able to remember.

That was how Harriet felt every time she tried to explain her problem, to make someone understand what was happening to her. But she just couldn't. It was like her mouth refused to shape the words needed, her mind unwilling to let her speak them.

She had tried writing it, even drawing, but every time she had tried, her mind had just turned up blank.

It was like some unknown force was preventing her from express what she saw and experienced.

The worst however, was not being able to see everything. She knew it was there, knew that something that no one else could see existed. And she also knew that she didn't see everything. She felt as though it was like trying to express it, and turning up blank and unable to.

She saw it, but she was unable to see it.


It haunted her, being able to see something no one else did. It haunted her to only be able to see the blurry edges of it.

More than anything, she wished to be able to see what was truly there, no matter how wonderful or terrible it was, she wanted to know what her mind knew but would not - could not tell her.


She wanted to know what was just beyond the realm of sanity, reality.


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