Letters To A Lover

A story of Romance between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two fall in love in their last year at Hogwarts but slowly drift apart. Fate seems to push them together time and time again but will they get fate's hint?


3. The Luncheon


You forgot to add your address...Maybe you did it on purpose, I don't know. Just thought I'd point it out.



Draco smiled. he began to write but stopped. He wanted to say something that would make her smile. He loved her smile. "Did I really just think that?"he thought to himself at he tied up the letter.



Seems I have. Damn! You caught me...well I suppose I have to give it to you now...

139 Sloane Street,



See you soon

Draco x


Hermione smiled at the letter then went to run a bath.

The clock chimed 10am on Tuesday morning when Hermione's fireplace roared in a green flame as Ginny stepped out.

Hermione at first was confused as Ginny had pulled through a giant suitcase in her wake. When Ginny saw he face she chirped enthusiastically.

"Make up time!" Hermione face palmed.

Ginny sat Hermione down in front of the mirror and tapped the comb on her hand, she was thinking about what hairdo to give her.

Then she plugged in her straighteners and began attacking her hair with a brush. After she had finished Hermione went to get dressed.

"You ready?" Ginny shouted through the closed bedroom door.

"Yeah" Hermione walked out in a beautiful summer dress and nude coloured flats.

"You look great Hermione" Ginny said giving her a hug.

"Thank you, I need to go" she hugged her friend one more time then went to the address in the letter.

When she got to the address, she found herself in the most beautiful block of flats she had ever seen.

She went up in the lift to number 139 and timidly nocked on the door. She heard a muffle shout then the metallic click of the locks and the door opened.

Draco Malfoy was stood there dressed in his usual black suit and black shirt. He looked at her with his mouth open.

"You look amazing" He said, stepping back so she could walk in.

"So do you" she said as she looked about his flat. It was huge, the walls were covered in a deep purple wall paper.

The cushions on the sofa's matched the colour perfectly. She sat timidly down on one of the plush sofa cushions.

"I'll just be a second, need to get my shoes on" He said dashing into his bedroom. In his absence Hermione stood and looked around his living room.

She saw the huge owl King sat on his desk. She went over and stroked his head, he shivered and clicked his tongue in appreciation.

She smiled and something caught her eye, a mirror on the desk with her image reflected back at her but when she looked closer she realised it wasn't a mirror but a drawing.

she picked it up and realised it was a drawing of her and Draco inches away from kissing, she looked at it with admiration.

It was beautifully hand draw and sign by none other than Draco himself.

She imagined what it would feel like to be in that position in real life. She heard a scuffling of feet behind her and she turned around.

Draco stood behind her staring at her, he looked at what she was holding and turned immediately bright red, she smiled at this and he bent his head.

"Sorry about that. you weren't meant to see it" he said avoiding her eyes.

"It's fine. It's really good" she said looking at it again

"Thank you" he said still with his head bent.

"So where are we going?" She asked as she put the picture back on the table.

"Um there is this really nice restaurant in muggle London that I thought we could go to?"

"That sounds nice"

"Okay lets get going then" He said walking to the door and holding it open for her

The walked out onto the street and began to walk into the middle of London, they talked about the war which ended last year.

Most of the 7th years agreed to re do their last year.

They also talked about their parents and how Hermione was able to restore her parents memories except her father was still unable to remember some things and became distant so she moved out. Draco had moved out when he was 16.

Somewhere during their conversation Draco had taken hold of Hermione's hand.

When they arrived at the restaurant both people were very hungry.

They entered the place and waited to be seated. Along came a round faced big bellied Italian waiter who welcomed Draco like an old friend and took him and Hermione though a door off the main room.

The room they had been taken into was a huge atrium with walls covered in gold. tables full of people eating and drinking and buzzing with their chit chat.

The waiter took Hermione and Draco over to a table in the centre of the room. He picked up the reserved label and pulled the chairs out for them to sit in. Hermione leaned in and whispered "This is amazing Draco"

"Thank you. Zabini's grandfather owns it this is the room for wizards the other was for muggle people" Draco said.

A minuet later the round faced Italian man returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He then handed them menu's and then left. Their lunch went smoothly.

Draco asked questions and Hermione answered. And the other way around.

They ate and then spoke more.

When they had finished they thanked their waiter and walked back to Draco's flat hand in hand.

When they arrived Draco let Hermione in and offered her a drink. She took it politely and they began talking again.

When they were sat on the sofa they looked at each other and slowly leaned in towards each other. Their lips met lightly and Hermione gasped as a shock of electricity jumped through their lips. They pulled apart and looked at each other.

"I have to go" She said. Then she left him sitting on the sofa mesmerised at the girl he had just kissed.

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