Letters To A Lover

A story of Romance between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two fall in love in their last year at Hogwarts but slowly drift apart. Fate seems to push them together time and time again but will they get fate's hint?


12. High School Reunion

Nine years later Draco Malfoy was stood in front of a mirror doing his hair. A smaller boy with the same blonde hair was copying his father by smoothing his hair down with his hand.

"Daddy I want gel!" The boy shouted

"Scorp you don't need any, your hair's already amazing" Draco said patting his head.

"I know" The boy said grinning up at Draco with a proud look on his small face.

"So can we get you dressed yet?" Draco asked the little boy who nodded up at his father. Draco pulled out a pair of trousers and a shirt and handed it to the boy.

The boy ran out his bed room as Draco finished his hair off. Then he heard a little scampering of feet and a little cute roar coming from the doorway.

He turned around to see his son Scorpius dressed in a Dinosaur costume. Draco roared with laughter as he scooped the 5 year old up in his arms.

He flopped down on the bed and began to tickle the little boy who jumped on his daddy and began to tickle him back.

Draco waved his arms about causing him to nock over a large picture frame that stood on the bed side table. The little boy gasped and seized tickling.

"Be careful with mummy!" The little boy said lifting the picture up and placing it on his crossed knees.

In the picture there was a woman sat in a large green chair. Her hair was black and waist length. She was beautiful, the woman was holding a baby Scorpius in her arms looking down at him and smiling a look of love and affection.

Draco stood behind the chair grinning down at the mother and child. The woman was Astoria. Draco's ex wife, she had contracted Dragon pox whilst on holiday in America 2 years previously and died after the virus reached her brain.

Draco had been devastated and had struggled to raise Scorpius by himself but he had learnt to do all the things that a father should do.

"Why don't you go and get dressed now" He asked Scorpius and the little by jumped down from the bed and ran from the room. He smiled at the picture of their family and sat there staring at the woman's face then placed it back on the bed side table as the little boy ran back in dressed in the trousers and t shirt Draco had given him.

"You ready to go?" Draco asked holding out his hand

"Where are we going daddy?"

"To my school reunion. Uncle Blaise will be there with Auntie Pansy. And Luca and Theo will be there."

Luca and Theo were Blaise and Pansy's twin sons.

"Oh okay" Scorpius said holding his dad's hand.

When they got to Hogwarts Draco and Scorpius walked into the Great hall to see lots and lots of people walking around and conversing with everyone.

"Where's Luca?" The little boy moaned trying to see past all the people.

"I don't know, we'll find them" Draco said squeezing Scorpius' hand as they walked through the crowds of people and towards Blaise and Pansy who were each clutching a child sitting on their knee.

"THEO, LUCA!!!!!" Scorpius screamed running towards the other little boys.

"SCORE!" The two little boys shouted and ran and hugged each other.

"Hey Blaise." Draco said to his friend pulling in for a brief hug. He then hugged pansy and kissed her cheek.

"How've you been Draco?" Pansy asked.

"I've been good." He answered

"Found yourself a girl yet?" Blaise asked him handing him a glass of champagne.

"Not since you asked me yesterday"

"Well you will." Blaise said nudging Draco's shoulder.

"Have you seen who's here?" Pansy asked Draco looking around.

"No? Who?" He asked her.

"Hermione Granger. She's Definitely changed for the better. Didn't you have something going on with her for a while?" Pansy asked him.

"Yeah but she moved to Romania and I never heard from her"

"Well she married Charlie Weasley but as you know he died two years ago. She has a daughter called Rose. Pretty little thing a lot like her mum" Blaise said.

Draco looked about and saw Hermione talking to Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. He stood up and walked over to her and placed a hand upon her back. She turned around and looked into his face.

"Draco." She said looking shocked.

"Hermione. How've you been?" He asked her and she smiled.

"I've been good. How about you Draco?" She asked.

"Really good. I heard you had a Daughter"

"Yes she's called Rose. I heard you were married." Hermione said.

"Widower, Astoria died two years ago" He bent his head as he said it and Hermione sighed.

"I am very sorry about that. Charlie died two years ago as well."

"I heard. I'm incredibly sorry"

"It's okay. Would you like to get a drink?" She asked and he accepted. They two walked to the drinks tables and sat down. Rose came running up to her mother and sat on her knee.

"Hello. I'm Rose" The little girl said. She had long straight blonde hair. The same blonde as Draco's. He had to do a double take. He smiled at the girl and took her outstretched hand and shook it.

"I'm Draco Malfoy" When the little girl heard his name she smiled a wicked smile and looked up at Hermione who, when Draco looked had turned pink. Just then Scorpius came running to his father and sat on his knee. The little girl looked at Scorpius and stuck her hand out again.

"I'm Rose!" she said just like before.

"I'm Scorpius" the little boy said in return.

"Wow! I like your name!" Rose said

"Thank you I like roses. Mummy liked roses too she used to have them all over the manor before she died."

"Well my daddy liked scorpions! They're really scary but he really liked them! He's dead too" Rose said bending her head.

"Do you want to go and play with me and my friends?" Scorpius asked the little girl and she nodded. The two jumped down from their parents knees and ran off hand in hand.

"She's beautiful" Draco said looking after the two children.

"Thank you. Scorpius looks like you"

"Yes he does. He has his mothers personality thank god. Rose looks like you" still looking at the place where the two children had disappeared.

"Hah! No she doesn't, and she doesn't look like Charlie either, she's got my brains but Charlie's personality"

"She's got beautiful hair" Draco said leaning back and folding his arms

"You mean your hair" Hermione said looking at him.

"Yes. I had to do a double take because she looks like Scorpius so much"

"She does doesn't she. She is definitely Charlie's. Ron accused her of being yours after I told him about the thing we had so we had a DNA test done." Hermione said.

"How old is she?"

"Five. Six on the 22nd of October"

"Sorps six on the 21st"

"Always got to beat me hey!" She said laughing. Draco laughed too. Just then the two children came running back with big smiles on their faces.

"Mummy! Mummy we're twins!" Rose said causing Draco and Hermione's eyes to bulge.

"What do you mean honey?" Hermione said smiling sweetly.

"Well Luca and Theo saw us and said that me and Rosie look the same, then unca Blaise said we could be twins!" said Scorpius

"Are we twins mummy?" Rose asked Hermione who laughed.

"No darling you're not. Just two people who look the same. It means you're a special person"

"Daddy said you were a special person" Scorpius said pointing at Hermione causing her to laugh and Draco to turn bright red.

"I didn't say it like that."

"Yes you did you said said that she was a special woman that you shouldn't have let her go" Draco closed his eyes and cringed. Hermione just laughed even more.

"Why don't you two go and play some more" Draco said with his hand pressed against his face.

"Okay, come on Scorpius" then the two ran off once more. Just then professor McGonagall walked onto a platform and spoke into her wand.

"Welcome class of 98, fellow friends guests and children. I would like to welcome onto the stage the head girl and boy for a small speech." She pointed at Draco and Hermione who both turned red and walked up to the stage.

"Hello everybody" Draco said into his wand then moved to the side so Hermione could speak.

"Hi. It's been a long time since we walked these halls, last time I spoke as head girls I said that we had made friends that we would keep forever. And I think tonight I've proved that theory. Our time at Hogwarts hasn't been perfect. I think every year I came to school thinking what Harry Potter could possibly mess up and each year nobody saw it coming. I loved my time here, and even though we lost a lot of people who meant the world to us, we've been able to heal for our children's time here at Hogwarts. Thank you" Hermione said then stood to the side.

"Yes. Can't really disagree with her. I definitely agree on the Potter thing although I think I helped make that mess a couple of times. Hogwarts for me really made me think differently about people. Like who would have thought that nine years down the line and I'd be baby sitting Harry Potter's kids. In the years from Hogwarts new relationships and friendships have formed. And that all because we met those people here. Thank you everybody" Draco said.

Him and Hermione exited the stage. They went to sit down and found Rose and Scorpius cuddled up to Blaise and Pansy sleeping.

They each picked up their children and left. They apparated together to Draco's house which was Malfoy Manor, as his mother had now retired to a smaller residence after his father died.

Draco led her to Scorpius' room and laid Scorpius and Rose on the bed together then they went down stairs to the living room.

"Thank you" Hermione said.

"For what?" Draco asked her.

"I don't know"

"I meant what I said you know" Draco said standing looking at her.

"Meant what?"

"That I shouldn't have let you go"

"Really?" Hermione asked looking at him.

"Yeah. I should have said it wasn't okay for you to go to Romania but I didn't want you to give up on your dream" Hermione tilted her head to one side. He moved closer to her and lent in. Their lips touch for a millisecond before Hermione spoke.

"I should be going" She said closing her eyes pulling away.

"Rose is asleep."

"Draco, we cant. We can't do this" and he took a step back. She regretted saying it as her skin burnt from the lack of contact. He nodded looking hurt.

Hermione sighed and moved closer. He looked down at her and smirked a little bit. He kissed her and she reacted by wrapping her arms around his neck.

They broke apart breathing heavily. He turned around keeping hold of her hand and walked to his bed room. Where they spent a night together.


The next morning she woke up to the sound of a hand whisk, sleepily she sat up and looked about. The bed she was lying in was empty, she rubbed her eyes and yawned. She got out of the bed and stretched then went down stairs. She peeped round the kitchen door to see Rose and Draco in the kitchen with a big bowl of pink mixture. The sweet smell of chocolate muffins was in the air, she breathed in the warm smell as Draco looked up and smiled.

"Where's Scorpius?" Hermione asked him as he hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Still asleep. Rosie woke up and wanted to make muffins" Draco said going back to help Rosie with the stirring.

"Draco you didn't have to" She said giving her daughter a kiss on the head.

"No I know but we're having fun aren't we Rosie?" The little girl nodded causing Draco and Hermione to smile.

"The icing's going to be pink!" Rose exclaimed. Hermione dipped her finger into the mixture and licked it, she made an appreciative noise and smiled.

"Very nice" Hermione said.

"I thought we could go out for lunch. Mum was going to look after Scorpius today anyway so she suggested to take Rose as well"

"Wouldn't your mum mind?"

"No not at all, I sent her an owl this morning and she said just to bring her over if it was okay with you?"

"Yeah, that sounds great." Hermione said. A tired looking Scorpius walked into the kitchen in his blue striped pyjamas holding a teddy under his arm and wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. He crinkled his nose at the smell then hoped onto one of the chairs and looked at the mixture.

"What's that?" He asked then looked up at Draco.

"It's icing for my muffins" Rose said looking impressed with herself. The timer beeped and Draco pulled the muffins out of the oven. Rose squealed with delight as her muffins looked beautiful and golden brown.

"We have to let them cool before we can ice them okay Rosie?" Draco asked her and she nodded.

"Why don't you go and get washed and dressed then both of you can ice them" The two children nodded and scampered away.

"Rosie really likes you." Hermione said.

"I like her too. She's too cute"

"I don't think she's ever acted like this around my mum or anybody else. Not anybody she's only briefly met." Hermione said leaning on the table top. She stuck her finger in the mixture and licked it again. Draco did the same. He did it again but purposely flicked some onto Hermione's face who smiled and half closed her eyes as she silently accepted the challenge. She dug her finger in carefully and smeared it across Draco's cheek. Causing him to laugh.

"Really. Are we going to have an icing fight!" He said smiling.

She flicked some more and so did he. And soon enough the kitchen was covered in it.

They stood laughing when they heard patters of feet. They squealed and quickly cleaned the kitchen using their wands and filled the bowl back with icing before the children got back into the kitchen.

"Can we ice them yet?" Rose asked

"Yes you can" Draco said lifting her up to sit on a chair. He then lifted Scorpius to join her.

When they had finished icing the cakes Draco handed one to Scorpius who grimaced and said.

"But it's pink" the two adults roared with laughter at the little boy.

Draco pulled out his wand and waved it causing the icing on half of the cakes to turn blue. Then Scorpius happily accepted one.


When they had finished eating their cupcakes and had gotten dressed. They all held hands and disaperated to Draco's mum's house. When they arrived Hermione stood back to admire the detached town house with ivy growing all over the white stone. Draco; who was carrying Scorpius in one arm and holding Rose's hand with the other nocked on the door. A few seconds later the door opened and there stood Narcissa Malfoy. Hermione looked at the woman who looked at her and smiled kindly. She walked forward out of her house and embraced her in a huge hug. Then she turned and hugged Draco kissing his cheek.

"Granma!" Scorpius shouted from Draco's arms. Narcissa hugged him and then hugged Rose who, stuck her hand out and said.

"Hello. I'm Rose Weasley."

"Hello, Rose. I'm Narcissa" Narcissa said bending down to look her in the eyes.

"Wow. That's a nice name" Rose said smiling.

"Why thank you, I like your name too. Do you want to come inside?" Narcissa said standing up and taking the little girls hand.

"Yes please. Me and Scorpius made muffins. Would you like one?" The little girl asked as her and Narcissa walked into the house. Scorpius wriggled from his fathers arms and walked after his grandmother and Rose.

"I don't think I've ever seen her smile like that before" Hermione said linking arms with Draco.

"I know, ever since the war ended and father got sent to Azkaban she's been a lot happier"

"I wish my mother would be happier" Hermione said as they sat down on a bench outside the house.

"What do you mean?" Draco said looking at her.

"Ever since I got my parents back from Australia, I tried to restore their memories but I've only been able to restore the memories from before I found out I was a witch. My mother was fine with it but my father didn't accept it as much and that makes my mum upset." Hermione said fumbling with her hands.

"Does it upset you?"

"It did at first but now im not that bothered"

"At first I was upset about my father but I think I was more upset that he didn't stand up to Voldemort, he just hid away like a coward." Hermione took his hand and the sat there in silence before Draco stood up and the two walked into the house.

Hermione admired the decoration of the house and stood in the hall way admiring a family portrait of Draco, his father and baby Scorpius. Narcissa walked into the hallway and stood looking at the picture too.

"We had that done just before Astoria died." Hermione looked over to see her resting against the door frame with her arms crossed and smiling.

"I'm sorry for your loss, for Astoria and Lucius"

"She was a good mother to Scorpius, even though he was 3 when she died, I can tell him and Rose are close"

"Yeah they are, they've bonded quite quickly"

"Draco um wasn't quite the same when Astoria died. He didn't know how to handle Scorpius and so I looked after him quite a lot." Hermione nodded. She didn't know what to say. Draco came into the hallway at that moment and coughed. Narcissa looked round and clapped her hands together.


"Ready to go Hermione?" Draco asked her. She nodded and allowed his mother to hug him. He then called to the children who ran out and hugged their parents before letting them leave.

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