Time Trapped

A short story about a young 12 year old boy trapped in a past, after getting horribly lost in time, realises his only goal to stop the never ending repeat of time is to save a girl. But at what risk?


1. Time Trapped

I could be home right now. Three centuries ahead where technology is advanced. So advanced it got me lost here in a time, place and year of which I have only heard stories about.


I continue fiddling with my Time Trapper. My Dad had given it to me for my 12th birthday making it very clear that time traveling was dangerous business and if I got lost it would be only my fault.


How I wish I’d listened. I’m tired of living in the same time parade watching the same thing happen over and over.


As these thoughts go through my head I hear the footsteps I hear every hour.


I’d always done my best to stop what was about to happen. I’d tried chatting to her, distracting her or throwing things at her to make her stop. But to no avail, time would leap back and begin her journey all over again.


Her deafening scream fills the dark forest jerking me out of my thoughts. Then the most unnerving part follows.


The silence.


Everything stays as silent as a graveyard. No animals, insects or leaves move. There’s no wind for the tall trees to sway in. It’s like everytime she goes the quietened forest follows.


All at once I feel the rushing sensation when time leaps back again, waiting for her to arrive.


I rise up slowly from the stiff log I’d been sitting on. I begin to walk to the place where she arrives, crowded by dozens of trees almost as tall as skyscrapers.


I catch my reflection in a small puddle.


Sharp, tired blue eyes, sunken cheeks and messy blonde hair.


I look unfamiliar.


‘Time may leap but I’ll always change’ I say to myself.


I arrive to her spot and wait to put my plan into action. It would be risky but it may stop the time paradox and hopefully send me home.


The thought of my warm house and loving family waiting for me brings sudden tears to my eyes.


This plan had to work. It definitely would.


I hear her footsteps approaching. I prepare myself.


Everything seems to slow when she comes. She looks at me expressionless, her dark, long hair trailing behind her as her pale green eyes watch me motionlessly.


She stands in the middle of a circle of trees. Her eyes slowly drift to the tree behind her falling, as her mouth opens ready to scream.


I sprint over to her as fast as I can and shove her out of the way.


I realize my shoelace caught on a twig shoved in the ground. I begin to panic trying to remove my foot from my shoe.


The tree lands with a boom on top of me. Crushing me under its weight.


I hear her scream as I feel my life slipping away like grains of sand.


I feel the rushing sensation again.


I feel myself walking but where am I going?


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