One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


1. The call

Lissy's pov

"Lis can you get my groceries please?" my mom yelled up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and pressed the recording button to off. "mom give me 20 minutes to finish this video" I told her and sighed.

I pressed the recording button on my pink Nikon camera.

"hi guys today I'm going to make this really fast cause I am kind of busy, but I promised you little marshmallows a video" I smiled.

I finished the video in 10 minutes and started editing it.

"Lis I am going to be at Nicole's house, don't forget the groceries I have a list down here" she yelled up the stairs once again.

I sighed and walked down stairs just the see her drive out of the garage.

I drove to our local market and got everything on the list, when I was about to pay my phone ringed.

"hello" I said. "hello is this Lissy Brooks?" the guy talking asked. "yeeah?" I said slowly. "I am simon cowell" he said and I dropped my phone.

I just froze for a minute until I realized I dropped my phone and picked it up again, I put it against my ear.

"so I was looking at your YouTube videos and I think you have amazing talent" he said. This is surreal Simon Cowell just said I can sing.

"w-well thank you s-sir" I stuttered, I can't help it, it's simon cowell

"I was hoping you would come by my office tomorrow evening and I will find out what to do with you" he told me. I nodded than I realized he couldn't see me and said yeah sure thank you.

I than hung up. I stood there shocked and frozen, this is the biggest opportunity I have ever had and I might be signed.

My vision cleared up and I looked up to see a very confused cashier and a long line of people.

I quickly asked her how much it was and paid wow talk about embarrassing.

I drove home again and dropped all the groceries on the floor and ran up to my room, I got to do a lot for tomorrow, I got to pick out an outfit and choose what song i'm singing. I have a lot of work to do.


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