One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


4. Meeting the band

Lissy's pov

I woke up and looked at the nightstand next to my bed and saw it was 8:30.

I jumped out of the bed and got dressed, I told simon cowell that i'll meet him at 9 at Syco.

I jumped in the shower and in 10 minutes I walked downstairs.

Taking a bite out of my apple I drove to Syco.

I got there and looked for room 098.

It was on floor 9, i knocked on the door and heard come in.

I went in and saw One Direction there, my jaw dropped 100%. My eyes widen in shock.

"God hi I'm Lissy I am a big fan" I said putting my hand for them to shake it and instead they pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

"so uncle Si didn't say there were a hot girl performing for us" Harry said and winked.

I gave him a small smile, I am not comfortable with people who flirt with me at all.

"shut up Harry your going to scare the girl" Liam said.

I laughed and we all started talking.

Turns out they are actually really funny and down to earth in real life. What would Carly do if she was here, i thought and laughed.

Wait that's not a bad idea she loves them and she will forgive me.

"hi guys would you do me a huge favor?" i asked them.

"sure what is it?" Liam asked.

"please don't ask us to sign your boobs" Louis said.

"no" I said looking at them confused, but i shook it off.

"your bum?" Niall asked in his beautiful Irish accent.

"no" I said once again what is wrong with these people.

"oh good" Zayn said.

"anyways, I was thinking you would surprise my best friend she is obsessed with you guys and she would love me if you do" I told them and they agreed.

We drove separately to her house, I gave them the address and Niall came with me.

It was really funny in the car cause we started jamming out to songs and singing along playing 10 questions.

Once we arrived I looked under the mat and found her spare key and opened it.

"how do you know where her spare key is?" Louis asked.

"It's pretty simple actually she told me" I said with and shrugged my shoulders.

They just nodded and followed me in, I walked to her room.

I heard a noise, but I think it's just tv.

I opened the door and saw Carly bouncing on some dude.

My eyes widen and I try to hold my laughter as I looked at the boys and they were shocked.

"um... Carls" I said she turned around and I saw sweat on her face.

Good thing her body was covered by the sheet.

The first thing she did was gasp and stopped bouncing than cover her with the sheet better she didn't even get of the guy.

"well we will be outside and wait till your done" I said and closed the door I burst out laughing.

The boys were confused and weird out.

"classic" I said. Every time I do this she was with a guy, she says she loves the feeling.

After about 10 minutes she came out completely dressed, but she still has sex hair.

She looked at One Direction, her eyes widen and went in the room again.

"did I mention she is a really big fan of you guys?" I told them and they all nodded.

I knocked on her bedroom door and asked if they were dressed and they said yes.

I introduced her to the boys and the boys shook her hand.

She than lead me a side and said that she wanted to talk to me in private assuming she is going to yell at me.

"what the hell is wrong with you?" she asked me.

"what?" I asked.

"bringing one direction to my house" she told me. I thought she liked them

"I thought you liked them?" I asked her.

"yeah I do, but this was the worst timing possible" she said.

"well I didn't know you were going to fuck this random dude" I told her. I thought she would be happy, I did a nice thing here.

"he is not a random dude, he is my boyfriend" she told me. I started to get really annoyed.

"since when?" I asked her.

"since yesterday" she told me.

"and your already having sex with him I'm surprised" I said sarcastically.

"stop okay? Your the one who believes not having sex until marriage, but I don't" she told me. I've had enough.

I sighed frustrated. "fine bye I thought this was going to make you happy and you forgive me and finally hear my good news, but I guess not" I told her.

I told the boys we were going some where else and left. What a horrible day.

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