One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


5. First rehearsal and jealous

Lissy's pov

The next morning I my alarm clock woke me up and I got changed.

I am so excited today because we are going to our first rehearsal and I am excited yet nervous.

I drove to the studio where were rehearsing and saw everyone there.

I met everyone like their hairstylist, makeup artist Lou and everyone else.

"Lissy your up" I heard.

This is my first time singing in front of the boys so I am so excited.

Me and the boys got pretty close, we all joke around and they are amazing.

The music started playing and I started singing stronger which is going to be one of the songs I'll be singing.

I won't originally record songs until the tour is over because the tour starts in two days and that is not enough time.

When I finished singing everyone clapped and the boys told me that I was good.

I can't believe they thought I was good and I sang a couple more songs and the rest of the rehearsal I watched them sing.

After rehearsal it was lunch.

"hi Lissy are you up for lunch?" Zayn asked.

"hm.. yeah sure I'm not doing nothing today." I told them.

"okay Perrie's having a day off so I'll get her to come" Zayn said.

"I'll call El, she is also doing nothing" Louis said.

"Than I'll call Dani because I don't wanna be lonely" liam said and went to call Danielle.

"fine I'll call Sierra and ask if she could come" Niall said and the guys groaned.

I looked at them confused.

"what's wrong with Sierra?" I asked.

"the better question is what isn't wrong with that girl" Harry answered my question.

This is confusing who is Sierra anyway.

"okay? Who is Sierra?" I asked even more confused this time.

"Sierra is Niall's girlfriend and she is a total bitch when Niall's not around, sometimes even when Niall is around" Zayn said.

"aw come on this girl cannot be that bad" I said and smiled, but when Zayn said girlfriend my heart just dropped and I felt something in my stomach, but I just decided to drop it.

We drove to the little café we were having lunch in.

We got ourselves a table and sat down waiting for their girlfriends.

Once Perrie arrived my jaw dropped, meeting two famous people in one day seems surreal.

"hi you must be their new opening act, Zayn said your amazing" she said smiling pulling me in for a hug.

"yeah I'm their new opening act and really? By the way I love Little Mix" I told her.

"thanks" she said and we sat I also met Danielle and Eleanor and we all got along great.

"hii Niall" I heard someone yell and I turned around.

I saw a girl hug and kiss Niall and those stuff in my stomach came back.

"oh who is this" she looked at me disgusted.

"um.. hi I'm Lissy" I told her.

"yeah so why are you here" she asked me still disgusted.

"I'm their new opening act" I told her.

"whatever I don't care" she said.

Okay maybe the boys are right she is a little bitchy.

"Niall did you order for me yet?" she asked loud.

"um.. no i thought you'd want to order yourself" Niall said.

"what? Niall I'm hungry!"  she whined.

"you can have some of mine" Niall shared.

"no uh" she yelled probably frustrated.

She took my plate and shoved some of my fish and chips in her mouth.

"why don't you take mine" I said sarcastically making all of the boys and their girlfriends except Niall and Sierra.

"here you can have some of mine" Harry shared with me.

Niall looked at us and glared at Harry, but i don't think he noticed.

"thanks" I said taking some food and ate it.

After we all finished our food and me and Harry finished his and Siera finished mine.

"hi Lissy how about we go shopping tomorrow?" Eleanor asked.

"um.. sure" I said smiling, this is going great the girls loves me well except for Sierra, but no one likes her.

"yeah I don't have nothing to do tomorrow" Dani said.

"and I have another day off" perrie said.

"great!" i said.

"how about you invite Sierra to?" Niall asked us.

"well...." Eleanor started.

"we kind of" Perrie continued

"think it's" Dani continued.

"a...." i looked around and everyone was staring at me and I couldn't be mean.

"great idea" i finished and the girls were fake smiling and i mouthed a 'sorry' to them.

"Lissy can I talk to you in private?" Perrie asked and we all followed her.

"Lis why did you say yes?" she asked them.

"because everyone was staring at me and I felt rude to say no" I confessed.

"yeah, but she is a pain in the ass" Danielle said and I nodded.

"well we can always ditch her?" I said hoping they would like the idea and they do.

We walked back to see Niall and Sierra snogging and I again got this funny feeling in m stomach.

The girls shrugged and just snogged their boyfriends as me and Harry just sat there awkwardly.

"we could always join them" he says with a wink.

"nope we are going to do something today because I really don't feel like being around this" I said and took Harry's hand and we got to my car and drove to Laser Tag.

Where else could we have fun?




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