The Obscurum Game

Katrina and five other victims are kidnapped and forced to play a game. The Obscurum Game. Death himself has decided to find himself some entertainment by sending the players into each others mind to relive their worst moments and face their fears. But here's the catch; unlike dreams, the figments of the others imagination will hurt you. If you die, you have lost. If you live, you win. In a world where everything is out to get you, would you give in to the darkness? Or let it swallow you up? The winners will never be the same again...


2. The Game

There, standing in the flames, was a dark figure. He stepped out of the fireplace with fire still licking the bottom of his black robes, creeping higher and higher. With a flick of his hand, the fire vanished, leaving him mysteriously unscarred.

With heavy footsteps like a steady heartbeat, he walked towards the group. He was tall, and his skin was tight and pale; revealing the shape of his skull. Long black hair fell down in front of his eyes. Those eyes…they were haunting. They looked like the fire he had just extinguished, yellow around the pupil and red at the end of the iris.

“Who the hell are you?” Ray yelled.

“I am Death,” He spoke with an air of importance, “The host of this game.”

“Game?” The captives asked in unison, with varying degrees of fear and curiosity.

“I believe I should explain.” Death cleared his throat, “I have chosen all six of you to play a little game. This game is called The Obscurum Game. Now, does anyone here no Latin?” He looked into six pairs of terrified eyes.

“Darkness.” Thomas croaked, his face white and eyes wide.

“Why yes. This game is all about darkness. I have chosen you in particular because you all harbour dark thoughts of revenge or hate. The rules are simple. In the room to your left,” Death motioned to a door that Katrina was sure hadn’t been there before, “are items belonging to each of you. All you have to do is pick one that isn’t yours. The rest I will explain later.”

And in a burst of flames he was gone.

The group stood for a moment in silence.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s move!” Megami was already at the door.

The room was something unlike anything Katrina had seen before. All of the walls were mirrors and there were six, black pedestals in a similar style to those in Greek buildings. One for each of them. On each pedestal was a single item. There was a thin, silver necklace; a toy tabby cat; a pink cell phone; a gun; a pair of glasses and a thick, stainless steel watch.

The phone was Katrina’s, so instead she picked up the cat, feeling the soft fur beneath her fingers, and left the room along with the others.

“Now,” Death re-emerged, mimicking Lillith on the window seat, “the person who owns the item you picked is your opponent. Well, their mind is at least. You will be sent into their head. What do you do next, you ask? You will fight their fears, or relive their worst moments.” A sadistic grin played across his dry lips.

“But, it will be dangerous. They acted a certain way to stay alive or not and they got bashed up. All you have to do is not get killed. This isn’t going to be like a dream, where you can wake up and it will all be okay; this will be real. Now, let’s see who your opponents are going to be this round. Katrina has Megami’s cat; Declan has Lillith’s necklace; Thomas has Ray’s gun; Lillith has Thomas’s glasses; Megami has Katrina’s phone and Ray has Declan’s watch. Let the game begin. Good luck…”

The room started to fade into blackness.

“You’ll need it…”

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