The Obscurum Game

Katrina and five other victims are kidnapped and forced to play a game. The Obscurum Game. Death himself has decided to find himself some entertainment by sending the players into each others mind to relive their worst moments and face their fears. But here's the catch; unlike dreams, the figments of the others imagination will hurt you. If you die, you have lost. If you live, you win. In a world where everything is out to get you, would you give in to the darkness? Or let it swallow you up? The winners will never be the same again...


3. The First Victim

Katrina woke up to find herself in a dark forest. Was Megami scared of the dark? She must have been, but where was the danger?

A soft sound, like footsteps on grass, became louder and louder. She whipped round just in time to see a massive tarantula come towards her. Its pincers clicked hungrily and it stared at the girl with its many eyes.

Katrina ran as fast as she could. Obviously, her aim was to defeat this massive beast. But with what? There was nothing here but trees. Suddenly she had an idea. She through all her weight onto a tree branch and it snapped off, just as she had hoped.

The arachnid was gaining on her fast. It opened its pincers, ready to split her in two. Then it stopped at the sound of a branch cutting through flesh as Katrina thrust the thing into its mouth. It scrabbled and stumbled until finally it fell over, its eight, hairy legs curled up in the air and yellow blood oozing from its wound and onto the damp, forest floor.

That wasn’t so hard.

Her vision faded, as it had done in the lounge, and relief washed over her. She had made it to the second round. She smiled as she finally lost consciousness.


She came to at the sound of panicked and frantic talking.

“We need to stop the bleeding.”

“It’s too late; she must have died in her opponents mind.”

“But who was her opponent?”

Katrina had only just managed to open her eyes and everyone was staring at her. Some looked angry, others sympathetic.

“What is it?” All pleasure at her achievement had flooded away once she saw the sight before her.

Megami was lying, sprawled on the floor, a bullet in her chest.

Katrina crawled over to the shell of the bright, bubbly girl she had met not only a few hours ago. Her hand was cold, limp and without a pulse.

“Who did this?” she gasped, “Who could shoot an innocent girl like her?”

“You did this, Katrina.”

There was no mistaking that voice. Death was back.

“Poor, little Megami was put into a life or death situation and was subsequently shot.” He feigned sorrow, but his eyes where lit up like a child’s on Christmas day, “Another rule I forgot to mention, The Obscurum Game isn’t just about fighting darkness, it’s about giving into the darkness. But one of you already knew that, because they created the game.”

The five remaining players gasped in shock.

“Yes, one of you helped me create this little game,” Death began to pace the room, “they can see the darkness within you. Not only that, but they know that all humans deserve to die. This girl is only the first victim of the game. Round two will be commencing shortly.”

Death fell beneath the carpet and was gone once again.

“Someone… someone here, in this room… created the game?” Katrina asked worriedly.

“Well I don’t think I’m alone in suspecting you,” Ray stood up and stared down at her, “Megami’s death was your fault.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Declan stood up to face Ray, “It could have been any of us, in that situation. If someone pointed a gun at any of us we would probably be looking a lot like Megami right now.”

“But still,” Thomas rose as well, “It was Katrina’s memory that killed Megami. Whether she meant for it to happen or not, Katrina was the one to kill her. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is helping Death.”

Lillith pulled Katrina to her feet so that all five of them were stood in a circle.

“Death could be lying so that we all fight each other,” she said softly, “this is for his entertainment, he wants a fight to break out.”

Katrina didn’t say a word; she was thinking about why Megami was killed. That Memory haunted her every night while she slept, and every morning she woke up screaming…

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