The Obscurum Game

Katrina and five other victims are kidnapped and forced to play a game. The Obscurum Game. Death himself has decided to find himself some entertainment by sending the players into each others mind to relive their worst moments and face their fears. But here's the catch; unlike dreams, the figments of the others imagination will hurt you. If you die, you have lost. If you live, you win. In a world where everything is out to get you, would you give in to the darkness? Or let it swallow you up? The winners will never be the same again...


1. Awakening


Katrina’s head felt like it could burst open at any moment. She could hear voices, which only made her headache worse. Cautiously, she opened her eyes. Wait, this wasn’t her apartment!

She sat up. The floor was polished cherry wood and the walls were painted maroon. An empty fireplace was built into the wall in front of her and was surrounded by a matching set consisting of a sofa, a settee and a love seat, all in soft black fabric with crimson pillows.

“Where…am I?” She asked.

“God knows.”

Katrina whipped her head round, startled by the unanticipated response. Of course, the voices! How could she be alone if she had heard voices?

Five other people were sat behind her. A girl was sat on the window seat. She had medium length hair, the same colour as milk chocolate, with a wreath of blue and white roses on her head and bright green eyes. She was wearing a white, strapless maxi dress with a thick, leather belt.

A boy was sat on the floor beside her with messy, black hair and warm, brown eyes. He had gone for the simple baggy t-shirt and jeans. Another boy was walking around the room agitatedly. This boy had neat blonde hair and light blue eyes, like the sky in the morning, and was wearing a white shirt with slacks.

A girl with long, blue hair, matching eyes and even a matching pair of converse was leaning against the wall. She also had a miniature black top hat on the side of her head with skinny jeans and a blue tank top.

Next to her was a tall boy with dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. He was good looking and he knew it; standing there in his basketball kit.

Katrina suddenly felt self-conscious. Her hot pink hair must have looked a mess, and she was wearing a seethe band tee with a cropped leather jacket and a black mini skirt.

“We’re stuck in the same situation as you, babes.” The blue-haired girl came and helped Katrina to her feet.

“So…ummm… who are you guys?” she asked once she was steadily on her feet.

The whole introduction took only a matter of minutes. The girl with the blue hair was Megami, the other girl was Lillith, the guy with the messy, black hair was Ray, the one in the white shirt was Thomas and the muscly guy was Declan.

“I’m Katrina,”

“Omg, like the hurricane?” Katrina had only known Megami for half an hour at the most and already she hated her.

Then, a deep voice rattled from the fireplace.

“I see you are all acquainted with each other.”

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