The Report

Social Experiment No. 65: the last attempt by scientists to unravel the limits of the human mind in the age of freedom and the ever expanding universe. Since birth, Eliza Stuart was locked into the four walls of her own fabricated home with only her mother for company. As far as Eliza knows, that is the universe.
'The Report' is small selection of daily reports which have been gathered and collated as the last surviving documents in the experiment, and these slowly reveal Eliza's life, the lies she is fed, and how ultimately, you can never shut off one human mind from the universe. For the Might there be more than this? competition. 3892 words. Cover VERY kindly made for me by Luke J.R :)


10. March 26 2014



Several sightings have today been reported of the missing sixteen-year-old Eliza Stuart and her captor. She escaped two weeks ago from the largest social experiment in history, willingly abducted by a highly esteemed member of the team, sociologist Dr. Henry Kemp, 27.


So far the pair had not been sighted, raising the investigation's state of concern to an emergency a week ago. Appeals have gone out to Dr. Henry Kemp to hand himself in with Eliza. Dr. Kemp has no history of violence or mental illness, although this prevailing silence has lead Dr. Helen Stuart, Eliza's mother, to make emotional pleas on national television over the past two weeks.


Earlier today, at least six different people reported sightings of the pair on Oxford Street, apparently out for an afternoon shopping. It is unclear whether Eliza was in distress, and no security footage has yet been found to back these sightings.


The address at which Dr. Kemp is reportedly staying has been searched for clues although no leads have come of it. Police today stated that it is certain the pair have not left the country.


"We thank the public for their continued compliance and support." concluded Dr. Helen Stuart on Thursday. "Henry, I simply beg you to bring my little girl back to me. Your views are in no way to harm Eliza."


Social media has been buzzing over the last fortnight, with the ongoing debate over the controversy of Social Experiment No. 65.


"Don't harm Eliza? Look what you've already done to your daughter, you b****" read one angry tweet.


"It's all part of a greater society." read another, "However devastated that Eliza has been caught up in this. #BringHerHome"

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