The Report

Social Experiment No. 65: the last attempt by scientists to unravel the limits of the human mind in the age of freedom and the ever expanding universe. Since birth, Eliza Stuart was locked into the four walls of her own fabricated home with only her mother for company. As far as Eliza knows, that is the universe.
'The Report' is small selection of daily reports which have been gathered and collated as the last surviving documents in the experiment, and these slowly reveal Eliza's life, the lies she is fed, and how ultimately, you can never shut off one human mind from the universe. For the Might there be more than this? competition. 3892 words. Cover VERY kindly made for me by Luke J.R :)


9. March 13 2014



The kidnapper of Eliza Stuart has been named as Dr. Henry Kemp, Police  revealed earlier today. Eliza Stuart escaped from Kestrel Studios yesterday morning and has not been sighted since. Kestrel Studios also made an announcement this morning to confirm to official closing of Social Experiment No. 65 and the Studios themselves.


Dr. Henry Kemp has reportedly been working on the experiment for just over two months. On January 21 he made an incredible step forwards for the experiment by passing a Bill, allowing him to enter the studio itself. This action meant he was the first human being Eliza Stuart had ever been introduced to and was a crucial advance in the experiment: recording her reactions and social development.


The intentions of Social Experiment No. 65 have always been unclear and constantly challenged, and it appears that Dr. Kemp had been among those opposing it. Just last year he wrote an article for the Times Magazine slating the whole idea, describing it as, “a barbaric evocation of human rights and dignity in order to satisfy a curiosity and longing for power over another human being in the most sickening manner possible.”


Max Worth CBE, the director of No. 65 has today been unavailable for comment, especially as to why Dr. Kemp was ever able to slip through the net to be able to work on the experiment, steering it along over the past couple of months.


Olivia Skelton, mother of one of the original six children used in Social Experiment No. 65, commented this morning.


“The events of the last few days have been extremely unfortunate, politically and socially. However the most upsetting thing is that somewhere in the middle, a  girl is caught up, unfamiliar with and probably terrified of this new world she has been thrown into.


“In a way it is sad she never had a chance to be introduced to our world like every other person on the planet. However I can see how right now, poor Eliza might simply be longing for what she has always known to be safe and secure.


“Why such a focus on science and politics when this is going on? I am afraid it is just a sad reflection of today’s society.”

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