The Report

Social Experiment No. 65: the last attempt by scientists to unravel the limits of the human mind in the age of freedom and the ever expanding universe. Since birth, Eliza Stuart was locked into the four walls of her own fabricated home with only her mother for company. As far as Eliza knows, that is the universe.
'The Report' is small selection of daily reports which have been gathered and collated as the last surviving documents in the experiment, and these slowly reveal Eliza's life, the lies she is fed, and how ultimately, you can never shut off one human mind from the universe. For the Might there be more than this? competition. 3892 words. Cover VERY kindly made for me by Luke J.R :)


4. January 3 2014

Eliza Stuart         01/07/1997         5’4          White British      IQ 140



New text book introduced: questioned*. Significant reluctance shown towards working.


Advances: book read in six hours. No comment made. Possible result of argument (reference 020114) with H. Stuart.


Sleeping pattern interrupted.

Eating habits normal.


Conversation: Alert and hostile towards H. Stuart. Referencing missing wool and displaying unwillingness to participate in routine.



Unusual awareness shown to change. Questions about book asked and more hostile behaviour towards H. Stuart shown.

NOTE: New team member Dr. Henry Kemp keen to see E. Stuart subject to more change and introductory stages. Proposed Bill to go through Board (archive 3675).



E: What’s this?

H: It’s a book I found for you to read.

E: I’ve never seen it before.

H: Really?

E: It definitely wasn’t on the bookshelf.

H: I had it in my room.

E: I didn’t know you liked Maths.

H: It’s a good book, that one, worth hanging onto.

E: Have you got more in your room then? Or are they just appearing like everything else?

H: I don’t know what you’re talking about. And you know my room is out of bounds.


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