Love Me or Leave Me // h.s (Completed)

Chloe was previously engaged to the man of her dreams: Harry Styles. But what happens when her sister shows up at her doorsteps, now engaged to Harry?

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12. Second Best Dat of my Life

Chloe's POV

Wow.. I haven't been in the front seat of Harry's car in years. Hearing the roar of the engine of the Audi R8 brings back so many memories.


Harry pulls into the drive down before the water fall as I look around, fascinated.

"It's almost as beautiful as you are." He says, taking my hand and kissing it.

I look up at him, smiling. "How did you find this?"

He shrugs. "When you're alone for so long, you tend to find things that you didn't mean to."

He leans across the seat to kiss me, cupping my face with his hands. I cross the middle of the car into his lap, straddling him. His hands run up my sides to my breasts, making me pull away from the kiss.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"I- nothing. We shouldn't be doing this here. In the front seat."

He smirks at me. "Nobody will see us."

I smirk back at him before leaning the seat back. His eyes widen and then his lips quirk into a smile as he realizes what I am doing. I lean down, kissing him again as he slips his tongue into my mouth, deepening the kiss. His hands travel down my sides to the hem of my shirt, tugging it up and over my head. I lean back down, placing my hands on his chest, kissing him. I tug on the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. He reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his jeans, freeing his erection. He slides my skirt up, moving my panties aside before rolling a condom onto himself, allowing me to ease myself onto him as I groan. His hands grasp my waist as he helps me find the rhythm, moving me up and down.


I try to steady my breath so that I am not panting.

"What's wrong, Chloe?" He asks, grasping my hand in his.

"I-" I pause to take a deep breath. "When you're alone for so long, you tend to find things that you didn't mean to." I smile at him and look over at him, noticing his smile.

"I remember that day." He squeezes my hand. "Second best day of my life." He smiles.

"Second?" I question.

He looks over to me and smiles. "The first was when I proposed to you."

I flush.

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