This story is about a girl named Lily Carter and she is 18 years old. Lily has long blonde hair and she died her hair aqua on the bottom. She plays soccer with her best friend Casey. The Carter's live in a big house and Lily also has a little 13 year old sister (Sam). Lily has 2 dogs. German Shepard (Max) and a Golden Retriever (Charlie). Brian is Lily's amazing boyfriend. But something affects there relationship, read the novel to find out!


16. Valentine's Day Sex.

*valentines day*

Today was Valentines day and I wanted to spend it with Bryan. I grabbed my phone and texted Bryan *Babe come over, nobody is home (;* He immediately typed back *Nobody? ;)* I giggled. *Nobody babe* He said okay. I went downstairs and fed the dogs. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes in my room and went outside. I saw Bryan getting out of his car. "Hey." He kissed me and took my cigarette out of my hand. He blew in once and threw the cigarette on the street. He gave me a big hug. "Happy Valentine's Day Babe." He handed me flowers and he put a beautiful necklace on me. "Oh my gosh, I love it." I kissed him. We went in my room. He grabbed me around the waist and put me on the bed. I laughed. He was on top of me, and he was kissing me. "Nobody?" He laughed. "Nobody." I smiled. "So nobody is going to walk in randomly?" He said while kissing my neck. "Hopefully not." I went on top of him. I took my shirt of and threw it across this room. He wouldn't take my eyes of my breasts. "Knock yourself out." I whispered. He laughed and unstrapped my bra. I moaned. He took his shirt off and then his pants. I got up and went to my jacket and in there were condoms. I showed it to him and threw it. He came out of the bathroom and I was already laying on the bed naked. He came on top of me. "Ready?" He whispered. I kissed him and he put it in. I moaned loudly.

*3 hours later*

I woke up and Bryan was still napping. His hand was on my ass and he had his hand around me. "Babe." I whispered. He didn't wake up. I started to get up and he grabbed me. "Where you going?" He kissed me. "To get changed." I laughed. "Who said were done?" I kissed him. "I did." I got up and started to change. Bryan was staring at me. "What are you looking at?" He smiled. "You." I looked down and up. I started to laugh. "You got enough of me a while ago." He started to get up. "Not enough." He started to kiss my neck. "Br-Bryan Stop." I tried to make him stop but it felt really good. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I started to make out with him. He put me on the bed and he was on top of me. "Bryan no." I pushed him away. "Come on." I started to get changed. "Maybe another time." He laughed. "Alright."



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