This story is about a girl named Lily Carter and she is 18 years old. Lily has long blonde hair and she died her hair aqua on the bottom. She plays soccer with her best friend Casey. The Carter's live in a big house and Lily also has a little 13 year old sister (Sam). Lily has 2 dogs. German Shepard (Max) and a Golden Retriever (Charlie). Brian is Lily's amazing boyfriend. But something affects there relationship, read the novel to find out!


5. Party Day

~Lily's POV~

I set up everything for the party. Where the hell was Casey. I went back upstairs to Bryan and I laid down next to him. I kissed him softly, "I love you baby." He put his arm around me, "I love you too." I felt safe around Bryan. "I want to take our relationship to the next level." He looked at me so we were face to face. I kissed him again, "Me too." We both smiled. He pulled my hair back and we started making out. His hand was up my shirt. He started taking off his shirt, "Hey Gu-" Casey walked in and continued to talk, "I'm sorry, I will leave you guys." I felt so awkward, "Um, it's fine, we will be downstairs in a minute." She closed the door. We both started to laugh. "We could finish this tonight." I kissed him and I took his hand and we went downstairs. There was already about 10 people. I saw Casey waving to me, "I'll be right back babe."

"Well that wasn't awkward." Casey started laughing.

"Shut up!" I laughed with her.

"You guys are ready to have sex?"

"It's been a year, I think we are."

"Thank god your mom didn't walk in."

"Don't even say that." We started laughing, "Come outside with me." I took the cigarette box and a lighter. We sat down on the roof. I showed her the box, "Got them."

"Give me one!" I handed her one. I took out the lighter and lit up my cigarette. This was probably my fourth time doing this. Nobody knows except Bryan and Casey. I finished my first one and I grabbed a second and so did Casey. We went back inside to the party, now there was at least 25 people. My mom was in the backyard sitting with some guy. Bryan was drinking with some friends. Sam was in the movie room with her friends watching movies. My dogs were wandering around sniffing people. We were all drunk, everyone was grinding on each other. Me and Casey were grinding on each other. Bryan smiled at me, so I took his hand and we went upstairs to my room, and I locked the door behind me.

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