This story is about a girl named Lily Carter and she is 18 years old. Lily has long blonde hair and she died her hair aqua on the bottom. She plays soccer with her best friend Casey. The Carter's live in a big house and Lily also has a little 13 year old sister (Sam). Lily has 2 dogs. German Shepard (Max) and a Golden Retriever (Charlie). Brian is Lily's amazing boyfriend. But something affects there relationship, read the novel to find out!


4. I think I'm starting to like him

~Casey POV~

"Next please" the lady behind the cashier said. "Just this box of beer." "May I have your ID." I handed her my ID. "$15.12." I handed her a $20. *Ring Ring* -My Boo :*- It was Lily. I answered it, "Hey Boo, what's up?"

"Nothing much, did you get the beer?"

"Yepp, and why do you sound sad?" I had a feeling something was up.

"Sister problems, just come over before 8."

"Ok, bye." I hung up. As I was walking out I ran into Lily's ex boyfriend, "Oh, I'm Sorr-RICKY?" "Hey baby." I looked at him in a weird way, "Your drunk." "Just a little." I was not letting him walk home alone and get himself arrested, "Come with me." It was pretty awkward being in the same car with Ricky. "Casey, you are freaking beautiful." I laughed. "Your seriously drunk." The whole time we were driving he was telling me how much he wants a dog. "This is my house?" He was pretty wasted. "Yes. I remember, Lily always used to drop you off." I kept laughing.

"Really?" He smiled.

"Your just drunk Ricky."

"Come to my place for just a little." That stopped me from laughing.

"No, I actually have to go." He grabbed my hand, "Just for a little." I smiled, "Just for a little." He opened the door and the place was actually pretty nice. "Do you live alone?" I asked. "Yeah, do you want anything to drink?" "Sure, can I have some water." I couldn't stop staring at those hazel eyes, they were beautiful. "Water? I will get you beer instead." He laughed. "I have to drive back Ricky." He gave me a wink and went to the kitchen. There was some paintings, they were amazing! "Here you go." "Thanks, and did you paint these?" "Uh, yeah!" He smiled. "There beautiful Ricky." He looked at me, "Just like you." I looked at him, his lips were right there. He leaned closer and so did, and we kissed. I felt his tongue on mine. He was an amazing kisser. The next thing you know he was taking of my shirt and I was taking off his. He smiled at me and we continued. He laid me down on his bed and he went on top of me. He started to take his pants off *Ring Ring* -My boo :*- It was LILY! He started to kiss me on my neck, "Who is that?" I started to panic. I looked at my phone, Holy shit I was here for 3 hours. I kissed Ricky and answered the phone,

"Hey, Lily." Ricky continued to give me hicky's on my neck.

"Who's with you."

"Um, It's the um, the you know, the t.v."

"Well your suppose to be here now!!"

"Ok I'm coming!" I hung up and threw my phone and continued making out with Ricky, "I have to go." "No we were in the middle of something." I was pretty pissed that Lily called. "I know I will come back." I kissed him. I put my shirt on and got my phone. He held me by the waist, "You promise you coming back." "Tomorrow." I laughed. "Tomorrow? Why not today?" "I have a party, and if Lily saw us together we would be dead." "Why would she care." "Your right, ok I'm going, don't get yourself in trouble while I'm gone." He kissed me.

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