This story is about a girl named Lily Carter and she is 18 years old. Lily has long blonde hair and she died her hair aqua on the bottom. She plays soccer with her best friend Casey. The Carter's live in a big house and Lily also has a little 13 year old sister (Sam). Lily has 2 dogs. German Shepard (Max) and a Golden Retriever (Charlie). Brian is Lily's amazing boyfriend. But something affects there relationship, read the novel to find out!


7. I dont want to live anymore

"I'm going long boarding with friends." Sam said. She held her longboard. I grinned, "Okay, be careful." I went back to cleaning.

*Sams POV*

I put my board down and starting riding down the hill. I looked at the corner of my eye and Kevin was smiling at me, I turned around and smiled back, "SAM!!!!!!" Before I even turned around BOOM.

*Kevins POV*

I got off my board and ran to her, "SAM, SAM, CAN YOU HEAR ME, please stay with me!!! SAM SAM." I started to cry. I took out my phone shaking and dialed 911. I didn't know her sisters number so I unlocked her phone and clicked her sisters number. "Hello?" "IS THIS LILY?!?!?" "Um, yeah, who is this?" "SAM NEEDS HELP A VAN HIT HER ON RUDEN STREET P-" By the time I finished talking, Lily already hung up.

*Lily's POV*

I didn't care how I looked I took my keys and ran out of the house. I started crying so hard I couldn't even drive. Then I saw a bunch of cop cars, ambulance, and a van. I jumped out of the car. "YOU MOTHER FU****, I HATE YOU, YOU KILLED MY LITTLE SISTER, YOU KILLED HER." The cops pulled me back. I saw them putting Sam on the stretcher, "SAM, SAM, P- P- PLEASE ANSWER PLEASE" She had a bunch of blood everywhere especially her face. "She is in bad shape, are you her mother?" "NO IM HER SISTER." I started to scream and cry. The cops started pulling me back again, "SAM, NO DONT TAKE HER PLEASE!" I gave up and then they put me on the bench to cool down. "She's going to be safe in there, don't worry." The cop said handing me water. "I shouldn't have let her go, NO, NO, NO, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!" I started to cry badly again. Then I saw my mom running out of the car. Sam was already in the stretcher and in the ambulance car. "WHAT HAPPENED, she saw the back car closing and she saw Sam, "SAM, NO, SAM, CAN YOU HEAR ME ITS MOMMY, SAM." She was on the floor crying. The ambulance opened the car door again to let my mom in, "GET IN THE CAR." She looked at me and started wiping her face. I stepped into the back of the car and I saw Sam laying there with her eyes closed. I didn't even feel like living anymore, I just wanted to die.

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