Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


5. Seeing them properly

Harry's P.O.V 

We were about 20 minutes away and Lani was starting to get nervous. Lexi was asleep in the back and was snoring lightly. 

"What if Perrie and Lani hate me?" she asked looking at me. I squeezed her hand before shaking my head. 

"they wont, stop worrying, everything will be fine okay?" i said glancing at her, she nodded and then carried on looking out the window. Before long we had pulled up onto the drive and Lani looked like she had just seen a ghost. I climbed out the car and grabbed the suitcase out of the boot. Lani climbed out and took Lexi into her arms, she was still asleep. I handed Lani her carry bag, and i grabbed our suitcase and we walked into the house side by side. We saw Liam Zayn and Niall sat in the lounge watching tv, Lani handed Lexi to me and coughed, attracting their attention, then they basically dived ontop of her, all of us in fits of laughter, i'm surprised Lexi didn't wake up. I put her down on the sofa a put her blanket over her. 

"Wheres Lou El and Perrie?" i asked looking around.

"Perrie's gone out with Leigh-anne Jesy and Jade, and Louis and Eleanor have gone out for the day" 

"I wonder why.." Lani muttered under her breath, i don't know if we were supposed to hear that but we did, and we were all looking at her. 

"Huh?" Liam asked clearly confused. Lani kept her eyes locked to her feet. 

"She thinks Perrie and El are going to hate her, or already do" i said not taking my eyes of Lani. They all burst out laughing and Lani looked up and looked confused. 

"All Perrie's been going on about since she found out you were coming back is how she cant wait to see you!" Zayn said.

"And El?" 

"She hasn't really spoke about you" Niall said his voice trailing off. Lani just nodded and went and sat down next to Lexi. 

"Right boys, we have some arranging to do" Niall said rubbing his hands together. We all walked into the kitchen and started talking about where we were going to take the girls and Lexi tonight to celebrate Lani being back, and Lexi of course. 

Lani's P.O.V

I was in deep thought when i felt the sofa start moving next to me, i looked down and saw that Lexi had woken up, finally. 

"Hello sleepy head" i said rubbing her arm. She sent me a cheeky smile before sitting up and looking around.

"Is this our new house mummy?" she asked before climbing onto my lap.

"Yep" i said looking round and remembering all the memories we had in this house. When i thought of El coming back, i felt sick. She was one of the only people who's opinions on me actually mattered to me. I'd known her since i was 3. And if she hated me i don't know how i'd react, atleast i know Perrie's looking forward to seeing me. Just then i heard the front door open. 

"WHERE IS SHEEEE?!" someone shouted, then the lounge door opened revealing a very excited Perrie. She jumped down next to me and gave me a huge hug.

"I missed you!" she said laughing. 

"I missed you too babe" i said smiling.

"And you must be Lexi" she said looking down, Lexi buried her head into my lap, but i pulled her up and she gave Perrie a cheeky smile.

"I'm Aunty Perrie" she said tapping Lexi's nose.

"ello Aunty Perrie" she said smiling, i smile too. Me and Perrie got into a deep conversation before i heard the front door open again, then El and Louis walked in, followed by the rest of the boys. Harry came and sat next to me and Zayn sat the other side of Perrie, it was abit squashy, but it'll have to do. We were all talking and Eleanor hadn't looked over or spoke to me once. Lexi was looking around at everyone smiling cheekily, and every so often sticking her tongue out at either me, Perrie or Harry. 

"Right, girls you should go get ready, and dress fancy" Harry said, then tickling Lexi slightly. We nodded before continuing upstairs. 

"Babe, you're in the same room as last time, and we've already decorated a room for Lexi, the spare room opposite yours" Perrie said smiling before entering her and Zayns room. El still wasnt speaking to me, and it was starting to annoy me. I took Lexi's hair out of the pony tail it was in and brushed through it. Her curls fell to just above her shoulders. I clipped her fringe over the top of her head, and added a bow to the clip. I pulled out one of her knee length dresses and got her ready. It was a pinky orange aztec print with a black belt around the waist. I let her choose her shoes, and she ended up picking some silver sparkly dolly shoes. I set her down on the bed and put the kids channel on tv to keep her occupied while i got ready. I had no idea what i was going to wear so i decided to do my hair and makeup first. I slightly curled my brown hair and then realised no one had actually noticed it was brown yet, i chuckled to myself before continuing. I decided to wear a knee length beige dress with black netting on the sides, with a black clutch and some black heels. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. I grabbed Lexi and walked downstairs to see the only person in the lounge was Eleanor. I sighed before walking straight into the kitchen. I sat Lani down on the worktop and poured us both a drink. Perrie walked into the kitchen and sighed, she looked gorgeous. She was wearing a black dress that stopped mid thigh, that was cut out straight down her chest and stopped just above her belly button. Her hair was wavy and she had bright red lipstick to match her heels and clutch.

"What's up babe?" 

"Yeah what's wrong Auntie Perrie?" Lexi joined in turning to look at her, Perrie laughed slightly.

"My outfit, it's terrible, and Eleanor, she's being really weird.."

"Are you mad?! You look gorgeous! And tell me about it" I said. Just then Louis walked into the kitchen followed by Eleanor, she avoided us both. 

"OMG!" Perries sudden outburst scared the life out of me.

"What?" i asked trying to catch my breath. 

"Your hair! It's brown!" i started laughing and Louis turned to look at me.

"She also has glasses!" i shot him a death glare.

"WHAT?" Perrie shouted. I started laughing and then buried my face in my hands.

"We didn't even recognise her" 

"You never told me how you saw her again?" Perrie said and El started nodding. 

"Basically, we had an interview at some radio station and she was our interviewer, but we didn't recgonise her becuase she had glasses on, her hair was darker than what it is now, and it was over one shoulder, plus she had her head looking down at the questions" i was laughing slightly. 

"Then she started asking us questions and someone came in saying Lexi had had an accident, thats when we all clicked who she was, i mean she introduced her self as 'Alana, no nickname please' not Lani or anything" He said. I chuckled and looked down at Lexi who was playing with the sparkles on her shoes remembering everything that had happened that day. 

"What happened to her?" El asked. I was in shock, she actually spoke to me. 

"My boyfriend at the time was looking after her, when i was at work, she had climbed onto a coffee table and her socks caused her to slip and knock her un conscious" i said. Lexi must've realised what we were talking about because she was looking around and nodding.

"it hurt, ALOT" she said emphasizing on the word 'alot' we all started laughing. When we eventually stopped, and we all fell silent. 

"Lani, can i talk to you, please?" El asked, i smiled and nodded before following her into the lounge. 

"I'm sorry i haven't been speaking to you, and Zayn told Perrie about you thinking we were going to hate you, and Perrie told me, okay i was angry with you, but i could never hate you, ever, i've really missed you" she said before pulling me into a tight hug. I couldn't stop smiling. I pulled away and she was smiling as well. 

"Besties?" i said sticking out my pinky finger, she hooked hers with mine before repeating 'Besties' and nodding. We went back into the kitchen to see everyone else was also ready. As we were walking towards the car suddenly got real hyper.

"I gotta feelingggg, woohooo, that tonight's gonna be a good night" she sung at the top of her lungs spinning around before tripping and have me and Zayn catch her, she started laughing and so did we, she was right, tonight was going to be a good night.

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