Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


2. Seeing them again

Lani's P.O.V

I was shaking felt physically sick. I released my hair from the pony tail it was in, putting it over my one shoulder, which i never did, and put my glasses on. I was going to try my best not to be recognised. My life was finally back on track, if i let them back in, it will go straight back downhill. There was another knock at the door, i cleared my throat before picking up the quiestions.

"Come in!" I said as enthusiastically as i could. They all came in with huge smiles on their faces, and there they were. The boys i hadn't spoken to me, were suddenly in the same room as me, clearly none of them had recognised me, so far so good. 

"Hi guys, i'm Alana, please call me that, no nicknames or anything, god i sound so arragant!" i said laughing slightly.

"Nice to meet you Alana" Harry said beaming at me. The rest of the boys gave a simple hey, while Zayn stared at me. Oh god. 

"Do i know you from somewhere?" he asked, studying my face. I cleared my throat before shaking my head. 

"I don't think so, no, anyway, shall we get started?" i asked, ignoring Zayn's question as much as i could. I introduced the boys to anyone listening on the radio, and began with the interview. I felt so weird yet so right talking to the boys again. I was reading through the questions while Liam was on the phone to one of the fans, when two caught my eye. One was to Louis asking how Eleanor was, and another was for Harry, asking when he was going to start searching for a realtionship again. I wanted to avoid those questions so much, but i knew the rules, you had to ask each question. May aswell get them over and done with. I was about to ask Harry the question when there was another knock at my door.

"Come in" i said sighing. 

"Sorry to disturb you, but Jack just phoned, Lexi's had an accident" I was shocked, and scared. Scared for two reasons, they were bound to realise who i was now, and what the hell had happened to Lexi! I turned to look back at the boys, and there faces must have been more shocked than mine. I explained to everyone listening how the interview would have to be cut short, and left the room as quickly as i could. This could not be happening. I wasn't even about 3 meters from the door when someone called my name. Harry. 

"NOT NOW!" I yelled back, picking up my speed and running out the building doors. The cold air hit me, but i carried on running home. I was greeted by an ambulance and a sobbing Jack. 

"What's happened?" 

"I went to the toilet and when i came down, she was on the table, i told her to get down, then her sock cause her to slip and she fell hitting her head, she's un-conscious!" He practically yelled. Then his face turned to confusion, i turned to look at towards the direction he was looking, and there was a very expensive looking range rover now parked outside our home. This could only mean one thing, Harry. If you're wondering how he knew where i was, it's because we're in a house opposite my old flat in Manchester. Harry stepped out the car and Jack gasped.

"Why's he here?" Jack asked.

"I had to stand in for someone interviewing them, they didn't realise who i was until one of the staff came in telling me Lexi had had an accident, he knew i lived in that flat so i guess he just guessed" i said sighing, before he walked over to me, still gawking. 

"it's rude to stare Harry" i snapped. I really didn't need all his shit. 

"Please, let me come and see her" he asked, practically begging. I sighed before looking at Jack for approval, he nodded, and so did i. He smiled slightly before running back to his car. I went in the ambulance with Lexi, and Jack took his car. When we got to the hospital, we had to wait in the waiting room while she had a checkup. I was sat in between Harry and Jack, until Jack decided he needed some time on his own and walking out, leaving me alone with Harry. 

"You weren't planning on telling us it was you anytime soon were you?" he asked. I sighed before shaking my head no. He was right. 

"Why did you leave Lani?" I knew this was coming. I shut my eyes and thought of my answer.

"Honestly? I was scared. Scared of the future, scared of my daughter growing up with two people wanting to be her father figure, all the publicity she would get, she'd hardly ever see you guys, it was all too much" i admitted. He sighed and pulled me in for a tight hug. Then a nurse walked in, telling us Lexi was awake and we could go and see her. I ran over to her bed, while Harry stood there gawking at her, i guess this was a shock for him. 

"What did i tell you about climbing on the table Lexi?" i said sternly, she looked away from me. 

"Lexi" i said again

"Sorry mummy, is that daddy?" she whispered the last bit. I smiled and nodded slightly, her face lit up.

"Daddy?" she asked. Harry's attention was fully on her now, he walked over to her and kissed the top of her head. A nurse walked in and smiled at us. 

"Lexi will have to stay in over night, we just need to be sure she's okay, seeing as she's so young, she'll probably suffer with a headache and abit of dizziness for a couple of days, but that's all" 

"Thankyou" me and Harry both said in unison before the nurse smiled at us and left the room. Being here with Harry really started to make me realise how much i actually missed him.

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