Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


23. Night Out

Sorry i haven't updated for a while! I've been planning what's going to happen later on in the story, and i've just been busy. But i'm hopefully going to do one or two chapters now! 


Harry's P.O.V

America was going great so far. The on;y thing i didn't like was the fact that this American tour bus only had single bunks, so none of us could share. It felt weird not having Lani next to me. She was in the bunk to my side though, so that's okay. We didn't have a concert tonight so we were just going to head out to a club or something, we hadn't been out for a while, so i was quite looking forward to it. I rolled over and checked my phone, i was still in bed. It was 10.33. I groaned before climbing out of bed and greeting everyone in the lounge area.

"Daddy's finally awake!" Lexi yelled making all of us chuckle. 

"Daddy was very tired" i said pinching her cheeks.

"So what's going on tonight?" Shan asked looking at all of us.

"I could see if Lou would look after Lexi?" 

"YAY I WILL SEE LUX" Lexi yelled making us all laugh.

"Yes, Lexi, you will" Lani said chuckling. 

"Lux and Lex, sounds good" Louis said laughing.

"Anyway, i'll ask Lou, then we could hit a club or something?" i asked, everyone nodded in response.

"Right well, i'm off to get some carrots, seeing as SOMEBODY ate them all" Louis said pointing at Lexi. She started laughing.

"Can i come Uncle Louis?" she asked.

"Course you can, come on then" he said gesturing for her to follow him. She climbed off the sofa and followed Louis to get dressed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and text Lou.

To: Lou

Hey lou, just wondering if you could look after lexi tonight? she really wants to see lux, and we're gonna go out? 

From: Lou

yeah sure :) Lux would love some company. when do you want me to pick her up? 

To: Lou

about 5 would be good, cheers lou

"Lou's gonna pick Lexi up about 5, so what shall we do until then?" i asked. Louis and Lexi came back into the lounge area and told us they would be back in a bit.

"Watch some films?" Ella suggested. We all nodded and chose to watch Insidious. 

Ella's P.O.V

Insidious? Really? God i hate that film. Infact i just hate scary films.

"But it scares me!" i shouted out.

"That's the point! Now sh!" Zayn shouted back at me. Perrie burst out laughing and so did the others. 

"You'll be fine!" shan said, also laughing at my sudden outburst. The film started and i was wrapped up in Nialls arms, crapping my pants. A jumpy part came on and i let out a little yelp burying my head in Niall's chest. I could feel his chest vibrating signalling he was laughing. I got through the rest of the film and then we decided to watch Paranormal activity 5. Not my choice. Luckily i didn't find this as scary as Insidious. But it still freaked me out. Half way through the film Louis and Lexi came running through the door laughing their heads off.

"What's funny?" Lani asked.

"Uncle Louis fell over!" Lexi shouted out.

"How?" i asked also laughing now. 

"Lexi ran infront of me and i tripped on her foot" Louis said starting to sulk.

"Oh grow up" Eleanor said laughing and shaking her head, making all of us laugh harder. I looked at the time and saw it was half 4. Shoot! i need to start getting ready.

"Girls, we need to start getting ready for tonight" i said signalling to the time. We all got up and headed to the bedroom deciding on what to wear. This was so hard. 

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEARRRRR" i groaned rather loudly. 

"NAKED" i heard Niall shout from the lounge.

"NIALL! NO! NOW BE QUIET" i yelled back shaking my head. After about an hour and a half we were all ready to go, well the girls were. Lexi had been picked up and the boys were still getting ready. I decided to wear and dark red skater dress with cut out sections across my chest with a zip going down the front stopping at my waist. With some black heels and a simple black clutch. Shan was wearing an aztec print skater dress which was cut out at the stomach, some ankle boots heels, and a black clutch Eleanor was wearing a tight-ish red dress with a leopard print collar, red heels and a red clutch Perrie was wearing a black tight dress which was cut out along the chest, red studded heels, and a red clutch. Lani was wearing a short blue dress which was cut out at the hip, and had one strap. She had some white heels and a white clutch  We all walked into the lounge. After about half an hour the boys were ready and we were on our way to the club. As soon as we stepped out of the limo we could hear the music of the club blaring getting me more excited. The only downside was there was aload of paps and fans outside the club, how did they even find out we were here? Ugh. 

Harry's P.O.V

There was fans and paps everywhere, literally everywhere. I grabbed hold of Lani's hand, and pulled her through the crowd of people, the rest of the boys doing the same. Once we were inside we all started ordering drinks and started dancing. I was sat at the bar with Zayn, watching all the girls dancing, god knows where the rest of the boys were. 

"Mate, i'm gonna go dance" i slurred to Zayn, he nodded and i got up and headed for the dance floor. The girls were sat at a table so i was on my own. I was dancing with everyone possible, and i couldn't stop.

Lani's P.O.V

Harry was dancing with a load of girls surrounding him. I had a weird feeling in the bottom of my stomach, like i knew something was going to happen. I ignored it but kept my eyes on Harry, until he was out of sight. I sighed and turned back around to face the girls. 

"It'll be fine, he's not that stupid" El said reassuring me. I nodded, not too sure though. We were all talking and then Perrie's face changed to worry.

"Um, babe, you might, um.." I turned around before she could finish her sentence to see Harry making out with another girl. The anger boiled inside of me. I stood up and walked over to the two of them. I said nothing, i simply grabbed the girls hair and tugged her off Harry. I heard her yelp a little, and her face turned to anger when she saw me. 

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" she yelled at me, her face inches from mine.

"GETTING YOU OFF MY BOYFRIEND" i yelled back, pushing her shoulders. Harry had walked away, and there was a large crowd around us now. I got scared when i felt arms wrap around me and pull me away. I started wriggling trying to get out of their grip, they took me outside the club and then i realised i was carried out by security and i was on my own. I looked around and i was surrounded by screaming fans and paps. Great. Just what i needed. I pushed my way through the crowd and managed to find myself down an alley. I shuddered as the cold air registered in my body. I wrapped my arms around myself and started walking, not knowing where i was going. I ankles started to hurt so i took my heels off, walking bare feet down the alley. I felt a sharp pain run through my foot and i gasped. I looked down and saw broken glass on the floor.

"Fuck suck" i mumbled to myself realising i had stood on the glass. I heard heavy footsteps infront of me. I looked up and saw a very good looking man infront of me. I smiled at him thinking he would just pass by me, but i was wrong. He stopped infront of me and started staring at me.

"Can i help?" i asked.

"I think it's you that needs the help" he smirked looking me up and down. I didn't answer.

"Come on, you can stay at mine for the night if you need somewhere to stay?" he asked. I just nodded. He took my hand and led me back down the alley, towards his home i guess. After about 10 minutes of painful walking and silence, we arrived at his house. It was quite big, and looked quite posh.

"Nice.. place" i stuttered. He just chuckled and led me inside. As soon as he shut the door his attitude towards me changed.

"So sexy. what do we do now?" he asked smirking. I narrowed my eyes at him and shrugged. He pushed me back against the wall and started nibbling at my neck. I didn't push him off though. I let him. Which was unusual for me. I wrapped my hands around his neck, bringing his face towards mine. His lips came into contact with mine and our lips moved in sync. It was weird because, it didn't feel wrong. He continued kissing me. With one hand around my neck, and his other arm around my waist holding me in place. His arm slipping down to below my bum, sqeezing at my upper thighs a little. He pulled my dress up to my waist and started rubbing my vagina through my pants. I groaned into his lips but carried on kissing, tightening my grip around his neck. He started rubbing harder, and moved his head down to my neck, kissing and nibbling. He pulled my pants down and forcefully slipped two fingers inside of me, making me gasp. He started off slow, then he slipped in another finger, making me groan. He picked up the pace, and started unbuckling his trousers with his free hand. He removed his fingers from inside of me, and slipped his dick inside of me. I gasped and groaned louder, and more frequently. He grabbed hold of my legs, causing them to wrap around his waist. He carried me over to his sofa and placed me down, him still being inside of me. His phone started to ring, he reached over to grab it and answered.

"Yeah, yeah mate.. Come over.. Okay, sure.. Yeah i could use some help.. Cya" He hung up, and continued nibbling at my neck. Then the front door flew open, and shut instantly. Another bloke walked over to the sofa and started unbuckling his trousers. I started to get scared now. 

"Stand up baby" the one guy said. I obeyed and then the other bloke inserted himself inside of my ass, then the other back into my vagina. I couldn't do anything about it, i just stood there, in great pain and pleasure, trying not to moan. What i started off as enjoying, now turned into torture. I started pushing them both away, trying to get out of their grip.

"Aw baby, don't you like it?" the one from behind me said, chuckling into my neck. I just shook my head, unable to speak. My phone started to ring from my clutch. The bloke from behind me reached over to it and pulled my phone out.

"Harry?" he questioned. My eyes widened as he pressed the accept button. The guy infront of me started groaning.

"Come on baby, moan for both of us, like you were earlier" the one infront of me said. The one from behind me started rubbing my boobs, causing a moan to escape my lips, rather loudly. He didn't stop, and their pace quickened inside of me, causing me to moan more and louder. 

"Aw, he hung up, boyfriend was it?" he asked. I nodded, trying to get out of their grip. It wasn't working, what had i gotten myself into.


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