Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


3. Daddy's girl

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it. I finally find Lani, and Lexi. She was gorgeous, just like her mother. Her blonder curly hair falling just above her shoulders. Her piercing green eyes. After about an hour of it just being me Lani and Lexi, Jack came in and looked seriously annoyed.

"What's up babe?" Lani asked studying his face. 

"Paparazzi, everywhere.." he said, clearly annoyed. 

"Look mate, i can't help the fact paps follow me everywhere, what do you expect me to do, stay at the studio when MY daughter is in hospital?!" i snapped. He shook his head before walking out, and not returning. My must've fallen asleep because when i woke up, there was nurse talking to Lexi about me or something. Lani was still asleep. I smiled to myself before sitting up and walking over to Lexi's bed, smiling at the nurse and kissing Lexi on the forehead, she giggled and then we heard a grunt from behind us, we both turned to look at a very un comfortable looking Lani. I laughed before returning back to my seat.

"I missed you Harry.." she sighed. 

"I missed you too, more than you'll ever understand Lani" Her phone vibrated and lit up on the bedside table, she grabbed hold of it and looked at what i presumed to be a text. 

"Harry, promise me, from now on, you're going to be in Lexi's life?" she asked. 

"What was that text babe?" i asked ignoring her question, obviously she knew the answer.

"Jack.. he's splitting up with me.." she sighed before shaking her head. I walked over to her and pulled her into a tight hug, she looked up at me and placed her lips onto mine, before quickly pulling away when a nurse walked in telling us we were free to take Lexi home. 

Lani's P.O.V

Part of me was relieved Jack had broken up with me, but it still hurt, obviously. We were in the car driving back to my place so Lexi could get some sleep.

"Lani?" Harry asked, not taking his eyes off the road. 


"Come on tour with us again? You wouldn't have to worry about Lexi and school, we could get a private tutor for when she's on tour, you could spend time with the boys, and El, it'll be just like old times, just with another addition"

I didn't know how to answer him, i wanted to so badly, but i was scared for all the publicity Lexi would get, and hate when she's old enough for twitter, i wasn't even thinking straight when the word 'yes' just slipped out of my mouth, honestly, i think he nearly died of shock and happiness.

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