Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


12. America

Lani's P.O.V 

After the concert we all went out for a meal, it was the last concert in the UK and tomorrow we were heading to America. Honestly, i was shitting myself. I hated plane journeys, i always get scared and think we're going to crash or something, or the planes gonna set on fire, or something like that. It's going to be Lexi's first flight and she's looking forward to it. Harry had pre-warned me and said it was going to be a 10 hour flight because we were flying to LA not New York. 10 hours on a plane? brilliant. I was lay in bed not able to sleep because of how nervous i was about the flight. I honestly don't understand how some people can constantly fly everywhere and not get scared. 

"Babe why're you still awake?" Harry asked in his raspy voice.

"Can't sleep, scared about the flight" i said shrugging. He laughed a little and shook his head, pulling me into his chest.

"You'll be fine, just sleep through it, or watch some films" I nodded before closing my eyes and falling asleep in his arms. 


I woke up to the alarm going off signalling it was time for us to get up, yay. I climbed out of bed, looked around and saw Louis, Liam and Perrie doing the same. I walked over to the wardrobe in search of something to wear.

"You going to dress up?" I asked Perrie.

"Nah, just going to wear some shorts, it's hot over there right now apparently" she said shrugging. I nodded and carried on looking. I decided to wear a leather skirt, a pink crop top, some white vans and a denim jacket. I looked in the mirror feeling pleased with my appearance. I straightened my hair, and added some natural makeup. I walked back into the bedroom and saw Perrie and El dressed taking photos. I shook my head and laughed slightly at them. Perrie was wearing a purple lace crop top, some high waisted shorts and some black studded vans. El was wearing a black high-low skirt, a white crop top and some black sandals, with her hair was in a messy bun. Lexi walked into the bedroom in her pjs, we were keeping her in them so she could sleep on the plane. Once we were all ready we went and sat in the lounge and waited for the rest of the boys. After about 20 minutes they had all come out and we were on our way to the airport. When we got there, there was fans everywhere, and i mean everywhere. Security came to help us through, i was starting to get scared. Lexi's grip on my hand tightened, i looked down and she was scared too. I bent down and picked her up, Harry pulled me faster until we had reached the boarding for our plane. It was private, which is good. We got comfy in our seats, i was sat by the window, Harry next to me, and Lexi was sat next to Liam behind us. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and attempted to fall asleep, it wasn't happening.

"I can't sleep" i groaned turning my head to look out the window.

"Just relax babe, you will soon" Harry said kissing the top of my head. I sighed before closing my eyes and again, attempting to fall asleep.


"Laniiiiiii, Lani babe, wake up, we're here" I woke up to Harry shaking me. I looked out the window and groaned, realising we were here.

"Now to face more fans" i said getting up and stretching.

"Paul and the other security guys have found another exit" he said picking up Lexi who was fast asleep. I smiled looking at her and continuing to walk off the plane, the warm air hit me and i was glad i wore what i am, it's boiling. Harry grabbed hold of my hand and smiled at me, before pulling e towards Paul. I turned to look at Perrie, who looked half dead, and El, who was suddenly very hyper. Perrie came and stood next to me resting her head on my shoulder, i laughed and continued listening to what Paul was telling us to do. 

"...And next tuesday you'll be flying back to England to do a performance at the Worcester Festival, and coming back on wednesday to continue the concert" i sighed and looked up at Harry. We had to fly right back to the UK, for the boys to do one performance, before coming back to America. The boys weren't too happy either but i guess they have to do what they have to do. Once he had finished talking, we walked through the airport and were taken through a back entrance, where no fans were, thank god. We climbed into the Limo, and were taken straight to the tour bus which traveled by Ferry, wish i did. I was so tired when we got there so i went and rested in bed. I was just drifting off when i felt the bed sink a little next to me, i expected to see Harry but instead i saw Lexi, cuddling next to me.

"You alright sweetie?" 

"Yeah, just tired mummy" she said smiling, then Harry walked in and climbed in next to us. Having Harry and Lexi cuddled up next to me felt perfect, and made me realise how much i really love them both.


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