Me And You (Niall Horan Fan Fict)

Kimberly Brikes, A dancer who so happens to be Niall Horans Bff, but to her, he's more than a friend. She has had a crush on him since pre-k but is afraid to confess.


2. Dance Rehearsals


I took a sip of my water and wiped alittle sweat off my forehead. I was rehearsing at "Star Dancer Studios". Im a dancer and have been since i was 10. Im 19 now and my life has been dedicated to dancing and singing. I always love to dance and move around. But today, i wasn't feeling it.

I was exhausted and sleepy. Last night i spent laughing and hanging out with Niall and the lads. Niall is in One Direction, the biggest boy band in the world, but he wasn't my boyfriend. We were just Best friends since Pre-K. I loved him like a brother, well more than a brother. I've had a crush on him since Pre-K. But never confessed to anyone because im afraid i will get turned down. No one knows, not even Chrissy, my best friend. You never know when someone can turn against you and worst if they know personal stuff they can use against you, so im better off keeping my mouth shut.

"Dancers, remember, on Thursday, you have to perform. Can our soloist come here please" Jake Cory said. He was our choreographer, He was pretty young and cute, but i wasn't into him like the other girls in my class. I was a soloist so i got out of my position and walked up to jake with Anna, Lorian, Micheal, And Andrea.

"Kimberly?" Jake called. "Yeah" i said stepping foward. "You know your dance is sexy right? You have to be sexy and fierce" Jake said smirking. I was doing Grown Woman by Beyonce. I dont normally do sexy dances like that. And i dont like to either. When jake's assistant Ruby showed me the dance. My jaw dropped. There was so much hip movement and hair flipping and flexibilty which boys go crazy for. I dont really like the dance, worst the outfit.


"This is the outfit you will wear" Ruby said pulling out a outfit. The top half was gold with sparkles and theres a gap in the sides where you can see my skin. The bottom half was a mini skirt, and the back was completely open, you can see my entire back and is figure hugging.

My jaw dropped. I took the hanger and studied the outfit. "Where's the rest of it?" I asked gesturing at the outfit. "I know its alittle revealing-" Ruby said before i intterupted. "Alittle?". "But your dance is sexy and fierce and you have to dress sexy" She said. I groaned. "Now go change into it and lets see how you look. I slouched and went into the dressing room. I removed my dance clothes and pulled on the outfit. I felt cold air blast my exposed skin. I stepped out of the dressing room.

"Oh my god! Gurl you look Sexy" Ruby said snapping her fingers. I ignored her and walked over to the mirror. The outfit was super tight against my body. I turned to see  my side view. My ass frikin looked like a balloon.

i sighed knowing that i have to perform in this outfit. "I'll wear it" I mumbled. "Great!" Ruby said clapping. I rolled my eyes and stomped back into the dressing room

*End of flashback*

" yeah i've been practicing" I said. Jake grined at me. "Good. I need to see you after class for your solo reheasal" he said smiling. My smile formed into a line. I feel uncomfortable dancing to Grown Woman, with jake, alone in a room. "Oh sorry, i uh have to go see Niall" I said lying. "Who?" He said frowning. "My.....friends. I promised him i would help him with his music. Sorry" I said backing away. I ran to the lockers, grabbed my bags and rushed out the exit.

Ugh, i hate when jake flirts with me. but, i do have to say jake is cute and all and fit, but i have my sights on a certain blonde irish boy. Since i ran out of rehearsals, i had no place to go. I didn't want to go home so i decided to see the boys at the studio. I thought my outfit was okay. I had black sweats, a "KISS" croptop, my blue Adidas and Black Beats. The studio wasn't that far, so i walked.

When i got there i said hi to the lady at the front desk. I knew everyone there because i always visit the boys. I was about to go in the elavator when i saw paul.

"Hey paul!" I said. "Hey kiddo" He said putting out his fist. We crashed fist and i laughed. "Where are the boys?" I asked him. "Upstairs. 3rd floor" Paul said smiling. A lady in a pencil skirt tapped his shoulder and showed him a clipboard. "See ya paul" I called waving. he waved at me and i got in the elavator.

When i reached the third floor, i wandered around some hallways until i found a sign on a door that says "One directions don ont disturb unless given permission". I pulled my hand up to knock on the door, but stopped before i touched the door. i closed my eyes and sighed.*KNOCK*KNOCK*KNOCK

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