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Meet Helena Hudson, the new girl, as everyone knows her. She isn't optimistic, she isn't happy all the time, and she never smile. Now, after her parents died, she is moving to north California, to leave with her aunt. What if, she will discover, she is in a place, where strange things happen, and she is a part of them?


1. Prologue

You know, I've never believed in magic. It just never made sense to me. How can someone just take a wand and make things happen. Or just whisper something and this thing happen. Harry Potter and all of that crap, they are just books, things that never happen, and never will. Here I am, standing near to my mother grave, and thinking about Harry potter. Very respectful, Helena. 

It was Friday night, when I was at my room, listening to music, and then, I got a cell phone that my parents never showed up to the meeting with my teacher. Then, I started worrying. I never worried about my parents. Not even once. But I saw them walking to the car, I saw them driving to my school. It was... Unpredictable. 

"Helena Elizabeth Hudson, we're gonna be late because of you." I heard my aunt's voice yelling. She was nice, Aunt Aria, I like her. Or at least used to. Now I don't like anyone. It's clear and simple. I guess that I am kind of finished here, in New Jersey. San Francisco, here I come. 

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