events consequences time wheel


1. Past-Present-Future

Glory of the past

either personal or national

an evergreen love and passion

be it history mythology epic or else events.


All perceptions and truths

relative to the times of age

the way eye sees and the mind perceives

hero of the past in place and time a misfit of present.


Past had its greatness

future a fulfillment not a replica of past

past a perennial journey to future goals

diversified in present trials.


Events of the past trivial or major

strongly connected to the present state

intersects with consequences of myriad events

the fruits in abundance sweet or bitter

plucked by future generations.


The course of life changes by major events

for a person or a nation

but the particulars breathe sickness or health in to the life.


Guided by rules and methodical pattern of universe

inter action in chain of events

build the future ship

cargo of consequences sail on it.


Mind if lost in past riches and glory

stagnation and regression prevail

waves of the past rise to the heights of future

its values and lessons carried by the tides of present.


The old order changes yielding the place to new

past remains present exists future changes

the intricate play of inter change

nothing but a revolving phenomena in the eternal wheel of time.





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