The Weapon Witch: Book 2

This is the second book following The Weapon Witch. Soka has joined Arachne's forces and the DWMA is looking for her. What's gonna happen? Idk I'll figure it out as I write lol


8. Vinjio

"S-Soka!" I roared.

I started running. I kept the chainsaw in sight, skidding around corners and dodging other obstacles. I kept screaming her name, hoping she'd at least turn around. No luck. With a grunt, I leaped high and landed on a roof. Cupping my hands over my mouth I bellowed her name one last time.

I saw Giriko skid to a halt and let Soka down. My heart gave a jolt of hope. Soka turned and started running toward me. "Vinjio!" Our friends leaped up behind me.

Lucille stood beside me and placed a hand on my arm. Soka stopped a yard or two away from me. She turned an angered glare at Lucille. Her jaw was already bruising where Lucille had hit her. "Soka, you... Please stay." I choked out.

She turned her black eyes toward me. She sighed. "I can't." Soka said.

"Why? We'll figure something out, talk to Lord Death about this whole thing." I stepped forward.

"No. A Gorgon is an enemy of DWMA." Soka snapped.

"Gorgon?" I tilted my head.

"Yes. My mother was the fourth Gorgon sister. The youngest and she wasn't evil or had the same ambitions as her sisters. She wanted to live peacefully and raise me in a safe environment." She scoffed. "We see how well that turned out don't we?"

"Soka please, don't leave me. I miss you and need you." I pleaded.

"You seem to have gotten along just fine without me." She wrinkled her nose in disdain.

"No! If you go I go with you!" I snapped.

"What about your precious weapon-no, girlfriend." She glowered at Lucille. "Isn't he just wonderful Hammer?"

"He is." Lucille hissed.

Soka chuckled. "Whatever. I am going to leave. From now on I'm an enemy of DWMA and will not hesitate to kill you. Giriko!"

Giriko skidded over. "What?"

"I've made my point." She placed and hand on his shoulder and he swooped her up bridal style

I began to panic at the thought that she was about to leave again. With a shriek I lunged and my hands wrapped around Giriko's neck. He stumbled and dropped Soka. I threw a flurry of punches at him, having no control over my actions anymore. The one thought running through my mind was that I couldn't lose her. I couldn't lose her again. "Vinjio!" Lucille screeched.

My arms were grabbed and I was wrenched around. I was faced with Soka's annoyed face. "What did I say?" She growled before slapping me across my face.

I fell back and stared up at her. In hysterics, tears streamed down my face and I lunged, grabbing her waist from my knees. "Please don't go! Don't leave me! I need you! Please Soka! PLEASE!" I cried out.

A startled look came from Soka's eyes. She started to push me weakly, unsure what to do. "Don't leave me you're my whole world." I sobbed and held her tightly.

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