The Weapon Witch: Book 2

This is the second book following The Weapon Witch. Soka has joined Arachne's forces and the DWMA is looking for her. What's gonna happen? Idk I'll figure it out as I write lol


11. Soka

I travelled as fast as I could, heart racing and anger boiling in my stomach. Arachne had lied. She was going to kill all of DWMA I was sure. She thought I couldn't do it. No, I shook my head. She knew I could stop her if I tried. She gained my trust, tricked me so she could get rid of her enemies. Well now she had to deal with me too.

When I reached the city, I flew straight to DWMA and crashed through the doors. I ran straight for Lord Deaths room. I heard screams and shouts and the clashing of metal along with gun shots. I ran faster, eyes narrowed with anger and determination. I slammed the door open to find chaos. Kid with Patty and Liz fighting Giriko. Tsubaki and Black*Star against Mifune. Maka and Soul fought Mosquito and Justin. Spirit, Stein, and Lord Death fought Against Arachne. I strode toward her when a loud thud caught my attention.

Lucille's hand had collided with the ground, where Vinjio had rolled away. My eyes widened and pupils grew small. The little traitor. I turned my hand to a mace and raced over. "Hey traitor!" I shouted.

Lucille turned, only to have my mace collide with her face, blood spattering the ground as she fell. I turned and ran at Arachne. "Arachne face me!" I shrieked.

She turned with slightly surprised eyes. She opened her mouth but before she could say anything I shouted, "Skull Bombs!"

Flaming skulls appeared and flew straight at her. She used her spells to deflect them until I tackled her. My eyes were wild as I switched to a sword arm and proceeded to try and stab her. I heard Giriko yell something before I heard the sound of chainsaws. I shrieked in pain as his chains sawed at my arm. I leaped away and was caught by muscular arms. Vinjio stared down and smiled. "Let's do this the old fashioned way, yeah?" He asked.

A mischievous grin split my face. I nodded and turned into a scythe.

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