The Weapon Witch: Book 2

This is the second book following The Weapon Witch. Soka has joined Arachne's forces and the DWMA is looking for her. What's gonna happen? Idk I'll figure it out as I write lol


9. Soka

I'd never seen him like this. Vinjio was in complete hysterics, crying and clutching me tightly, his head buried against my waist. "Vinjio calm down I-" I stopped.

He had just said I was his whole world. What should I do? I shot a bewildered glance at Giriko. "Vinjio calm down it's ok." Lucille bent down and weakly pulled at his arms. "Let's go home and have some pizza 'kay?"

Her smile ticked me off along with what she said. I kneeled down to look eye level with Vinjio. I held the sides of his face and brushed his tears away. "It's ok." I cooed. "Everything will be ok."

Vinjio nodded weakly with a look in his eyes like a little lost dog. "Soka!" Giriko snapped at me.

I looked at him with wide eyes. "I can't just leave him like this." I protested.

Giriko let out an exasperated sigh. "He has his girlfriend. And those freaks." He gestured to the teens behind me.

I closed my eyes, debating with myself. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to Vinjio's ear. "I'll be back okay?" I whispered.

He nodded again. "Now go home and calm down." I patted his head and stood.

He followed my lead. I sighed and walked to Giriko. "Broom." I said.

When my broom appeared, I hopped on and grabbed Giriko. He reluctantly got up behind me and we took off. I glanced back toward my friends but Giriko gripped my chin and turned it forward. His chest pressed against my back as he leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Remember what they did to you? Remember our mission right?"

I nodded. "Yes I know."

"Then don't let them confuse you babe." He kissed my neck.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Never been called that before."

"Well get used to it." Giriko chuckled.

"I'll try." I said.

We reached Arachnophobia and I trudged to Archne's room. I knocked on her doors and they opened. I wandered in and cleared my throat. "We've severely injured Crona." I called out.

For several moments it was quiet. With no answer, I wandered further in. I came to her web to find it empty. "Aunt Arachne?" I called out again.

Nothing. Silence. I scratched my head. "Odd." I muttered as I wondered out again.

"Angela!" I shouted as I saw the small girl.

She turned and stopped until I reached her. "Where's Arachne?" I asked.

She shrugged, swinging her shoulders. "Think she said she had some business with Lord Death. Took Mifune and the others with her." Angela explained.

My eyes widened. "What?!" I shrieked and turned, running down the halls.

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