The Weapon Witch: Book 2

This is the second book following The Weapon Witch. Soka has joined Arachne's forces and the DWMA is looking for her. What's gonna happen? Idk I'll figure it out as I write lol


7. Soka

After he'd stopped me, Giriko took me to a little inn and rented a room. He'd led me to our room, though I was reluctant and just wanted to get the mission over with. He had locked the door and he got very close and kissy with me. Now we had cornered Crona. What he was doing outside right now I have no idea. "Look, we got company." Giriko growled.

I didn't need to turn to know who. "Stay away!" Crona cried and ran at us.

He swung at us with Ragnarok. We dodged and Giriko took out his saws. He went straight at Crona, leaped up, and kicked. Crona dodged as Giriko went at him. "Giriko, handle the others I need to kill him!" I snapped.

Giriko glanced at me and nodded. He attacked the group I turned to Crona. "Ragnarok, Screaming Resonance." Crona said.

Ragnarok let loose his magic. "Shield." I said.

A black shield appeared and blocked the attack. I ran forward and my hand became a katana head. I leaped and arched my back as Crona swung upward at me. He missed and I landed gracefully behind him. I turned and sliced his back. 'Not deep enough.' I thought with a growl.

He turned and my blade clanged against Ragnarok. He screamed and I gritted my teeth. My other hand became a mace head. I smashed it against the side if Crona'a face. He stumbled back, some black blood flying out of his mouth. They circled around and I heard them say, "Bloody Needle."

They fired out long sharp spikes and I barely managed to escape the cluster. I changed my arm and hand back. "Ring Claws." I said.

My rings glowed then changed. Four foot long metal claws extended from my rings, wrapping around my fingers. I ran at Crona. "Prepare to die cousin." I spat and leaped.

I came down and sliced the ground as Crona dodged. We blocked and dodged each trying to find an opening. Finally, there it was, he stumbled and left his stomach exposed. I ran. Time slowed as I raised my right hand and brought it down. There was a sickening sound as blood spurted from his stomach and he fell back.

Blood flew and hit me then hit the ground around me. Crona screamed out in pain. The tip of my claws were dripping with black. "Get out of here witch!" I heard.

Turning, a hammer head hit the side if my face. I flew back and landed. I stumbled up as blood dropped from my mouth. It was that girl. She glared at me. "Sheath." I said, and my claws returned to rings.

Giriko skidded over, swooping me up bridal style. "It's done." I said. "Crona will die. Arachne musn't be dissapointed."

Giriko turned and skidded out. He flew down the street me in his arms. "You probably didnt kill him." He huffed.

"No but I've weakened him." I smiled. 

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