The Weapon Witch: Book 2

This is the second book following The Weapon Witch. Soka has joined Arachne's forces and the DWMA is looking for her. What's gonna happen? Idk I'll figure it out as I write lol


3. Soka

We traveled quickly. Giriko traveled on the ground on his chains while I flew on my broom stick. I sat sideways on it, legs dangling off one side as my hands held the stick on both sides of me. I stared forward. I'd made some minor wardrobe changes after joining Arachne. I kept my old outfit but didnt put my hood up as much. I had a silver choke color with little skull studs. I had chain bracelets, and I'd gotten rid of my gloves. Around my waist, was a wide silver belt with a large diamond skull on the front.

I looked down at the trees, spotting Giriko weaving between them. He was slowing down. I swooped my broom low and flew next to him. "What do you want?" He huffed.

"Get on my broom, you're slowing down." I said.

After some arguement I convinced him on the back of my broom. I put up my hood so my hair didnt fly in his face, which I knew would annoy the chainsaw further. He kept muttering something about how we would fall and die and it'd be my fault. He straddled the stick, holding it tight with his big hands. We flew high above the trees. "You know, I never thought I'd go back to the DWMA with a chainsaw." I said.

"Yeah well I never thought I'd end up on a witches broom." Giriko growled.

"Since I can change into any weapon, you think I could change into a chainsaw? Or a hammer?" I asked.

I rarely changed into any weapon other than my main weapons. "How the hell am I supposed to know?" Giriko snapped.

"Just askin." I shrugged.

Death City came into view. "We will be landing shortly." I said.

I heard hacking. "I think I just swallowed a damn bug." Giriko rasped.

I laughed. We entered Death City and landed on top of a building. My broom disappeared with a wave of my hand. "So we just gotta kill that pink haired freak?" Giriko asked.

"Yes. Well I need to kill him." I started jumping from roof to roof.

"Yeah and I'm just here in case you mess up." Giriko grumbled.

"I won't mess up." I growled.

"You might." Giriko taunted. "If you mess up Arachne will be mad at you."

I turned and my hand became a scythe blade. "Don't make me hurt you." I snapped.

"You couldn't hurt me." Giriko said haughtily.

I growled and switched my arm back. I could hurt anyone I wanted. 

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