More than just friends.? (5SOS & 1D)

Two girls named Emily and Eleanor live in London together, they are sisters.
But one day when the two famous bands'One direction and 5SOS 'with a well-deserved vacation together, everything changes. because the boys staying at the hotel right next to the two girls houses .....


2. Kisses


Emilys p.o.v

"omg I can not believe you know Harry Styles!" I say with a loud voice.

"Nooo I do not know him so well, I've's just got his number?"

Eleanor says quiet as every time she is a little in love with a boy.

I'm looking at her with a smirk, and she throws a pillow after me and starts to laugh.

* DING DING * I can hear Eleanor's phone.

Eleanor looking at me with a no-dont-take-it face.

But I run over and grabs her phone.

"NO NO NO!" she shouts just before I got it.

"Hiiiiiiiiiii" I say with a little girlish voice on the phone.

"Hello, is Eleanor there?" it sounds. What a beautiful deep voice.

"Yes, but she's right in the shower" I say with a smirk.

While I was holding my hand in front of Eleanor's mouth

"Well then, I'll just call later" Harry says

Just after that Eleanor bites my hand and takes the phone.

Eleanors p.o.v

"Hey! Excuse me my sister took my phone," I say breathlessly.

"Ok Hi!" he says with a laugh.

"I just wanted to ask about what tou and your sister were doing tonight?" he said questioningly.

"Nothing, why?" I ask. "It's just that me and Lou and zayn and Liam and Niall and the boys from 5SOS are having a movie night, and then we would ask if u would come?" he asks curiosity.

"Sure!" I reply immediately.

"Ok, come in just about an hour?" he asks.

"Yes!" I reply. "Bye!" I answer and hang up.



I run into the room and scream, "GET READY WERE HAVING A MOVIE NIGHT WITH ONE DIRECTION AND 5SOS!" i scream, so she screams with me.

We both run into our rooms and gets ready, I'll take a one-piece, and so does she.

Then after that we both were on our way to the boys. when there came screaming fans after us and ask about me and Harry are lovers and things like that.

I hurried up and run up to the boy with Emily.

When we got up we knocked on, and Luke from 5SOS opened. "Hi girls!" he says, and welcomes us.

After that Harry comes up to me and pulls me with him.

"What are you doing Harry!" I laugh.

But he does not answer, but pulls me into a room, which I would think was his.

"Sit on the bed, I have a gift for you!" he tells happy.

I was just by believing we were going to do something else. But I was not ready yet, and not at all with Harry.


"Close your eyes" he says, so I do.

I feel something on my neck, "Now open your eyes" he said with a happy voice. I look down my throat, and watching a wonderful nice necklace.

It says: you are beautiful.

"Harry.. You didn't need to" I say slow

"But.." he says unsure

"Its sweet, I love it" I say fast and lovely.

I turn around, and gives him a hug.

After some time we walk into the living room, and all the others looked at us with a smirk.
Harry whispered in my ear 'Pretend like nothing'
I saw Emily sitting with Luke, they had probably been a little in love.
We saw a horror movie, so I clung into Harry throughout the film.
After the movie we were hanging out.
Luke and Emily went into a room, probably Luke's, I rather didn't want to know what there were up to.
Harry pulled me into his room and started kissing me on the neck.
And went up to my mouth and kissed me and I kissed with him.
"Harry .." I said low.
And kissed him again.




This was my second chapter!!

I think that its going ok, and THANKS for the comments.

-Eleanor xx<3



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