once we meet again

mays a normal girl ,sixteen ,lives with her mum and not to forget they have a plenty of money....meet a boy on the plane they get along but what she didnt know that this boy was zayn malik after the plane she thought she will never see him but what happens when fait bring them back together every time they pull apart ..love..hurt.. heart breaks..and wanting to forget


3. who is 1D?!?! and my mum is cool

mays pov

after the sleep over  the girls left, it is sunday so we decided to meet up for lunch me and lee , and since its 2:30 already and lee is picking me up at 3;15 I decided to start getting ready so i went upstairs i took a nice shower and  left my hair in a wavy shape , i picked up a black jeans and neon pink top with BOOM!! in black on it .. i heared a knock on the door it was lee ''hiiiiii'' ''hey'' ''u ready?'' ''yup'' we went out i left my mum a note 

skip the car ride

''soooooo..from where do want to eat ??'' i asked ''nondos!!!" "whats that ?" "u dont know nondos ?!?! its my favourite place and niall's too" "whos niall ??" "he is in the boyband 1Dwith my bro " "ur bro is in a band ?!?! thats hot and cool ,btw whos 1D ?!?????" "do u live under a rock?!??! one direction is the biggest boyband in the world even bigger than the beatels , the band members are my brother zayn ,liam,louis,niall and harry " " ahhh cool,so yeah to nondos ?? " "yup"when she said zayn i felt somthing weird in my stomach and i think i heard this name before..........................


so after that lee ave me a ride back home we planned that i will spend the summer with her in bradford i told mum and she said yes ..ahhh thats why i love my mum she is amazing in every thing she is a cool mum yup cool  three days for summer ahhhhhh  

i need tom sleep so im in my pjs  in bed ready to sleep so in 1 2 3 sleep.......




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