once we meet again

mays a normal girl ,sixteen ,lives with her mum and not to forget they have a plenty of money....meet a boy on the plane they get along but what she didnt know that this boy was zayn malik after the plane she thought she will never see him but what happens when fait bring them back together every time they pull apart ..love..hurt.. heart breaks..and wanting to forget


2. new day at school...

i woke up at the sound of my alarm "ugh" ,i turned it off and jumped into the bathroom after the shower ,i decided to wear a red shorts with a stripes shirt ,i put my hair into a messy bin and applied some makeup and went downstairs i saw my mum making breakfast i ate it and went to school i walked into the hall way and found my way to english class i sat next to a girl "hi" she said "im walieya","mays" i said with a smile she seems nice, after the class ended i was about to go out when someone called my name i turned and it was walieya "oh hi walieya" "call me lee ,and  would u like to join me with my friends at lunch?" "of course yeah sure ..thanx" "ur welcome" ....time went by i entered the cafi as i like to call it and spot lee waving at me i smile and walk towards her "hi" i say "hey mays i want u too meet my friends this is sara ,lucy and lux " "nice to meet u" the 4 of us say at the same time we laugh and chat sara was a ginger with blue eyes ,lucy had light brown curly hair with green eyes ,lux a blonde wavy hair with grey eyes and finaly lee she had this dark brown like black hair with yellow mixed with light and brown eyes she looked like some one but i cant remember ..mmm who ..any way once the school was over we went back to my home i told the girls to have sleep over ,we watched all kinds of movies like once we r crying next u find us laughing then terrified it was weird lol but we had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

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