once we meet again

mays a normal girl ,sixteen ,lives with her mum and not to forget they have a plenty of money....meet a boy on the plane they get along but what she didnt know that this boy was zayn malik after the plane she thought she will never see him but what happens when fait bring them back together every time they pull apart ..love..hurt.. heart breaks..and wanting to forget


4. bet he is hot

mays pov

today is the day  i leave to bradford with lee so im ready packed in lee's room ready to go she has a brother and two sisters ..thats nice  "lets go " lee said i picked my bag and we went down stairs me and the girls are in the backseat her dad is driving and mom is in the passenger seat , as i think zayn is on tour so he cant come this summer 


skip the car ride

whenn we arrived we were tired so we decided to sleep the house was soo comfy and warm and nice i love it i took their brother room i enterd it it was tidey for a boy and cool  stuff and a hugr mirrpr in it from his childhood pics on the wall he seems handsome and cute .."bet hes hot " i mumerd any way i un packed and went straight to sleep comfy bed by the way really comfyyy 

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