for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


1. first chapter

O-M-G- !!!!!! they finally here !!! I cant believe they finally here !! this is the best day I have ever had by far !!!

 Hi, my name is Daniel, I'm 18 years old and I live in Israel. I have black long curly hair, brown dark eyes. I'm not too fat and I'm not too thin. I have the perfect family if you asking me :) : 
two brothers : Dan - 19 years old, brown eyes, not too small and not too high, and Kyle - 13 years old, brown eyes. one sister : Ronnie - 10 years old, brown eyes and curly brown dark hair. my mom is the best , her name is Jasmine, she always knows what to do when I'm upset, angry , sad or anything else. my dad is my best friend, his name is Brian, he absolutely know everything about me, as I have said this is my perfect family !

after a long time of waiting and praying to see One direction and my Liam here preforming in Israel, finally it will happen !! I'm very excited, not only I will see them preforming together I have also, thanks to mom, will see them in person between there show because my mom has got me a permission to meet them !!! I'm f****ing excited to see my Liam !!!! can't waittttttttt please I wish that this weekend will pass sooner than later !! 

  -after the weekend -

"mommmmmmmm" I screamed from the living room , "come on ! I don't want a be late to my perfect moment !!! " I kept shouting so she will hear me. "darling you know that Im not deaf right" she says laughing at me while she get down in the stairs, "mom it's not funny if we would not be there in time they can leave !! I don't want to lose my chance" I said to her.

 yeah I know im 18 and all, but they are my idols, they helping me with my confident. I guess that I forget mention that I've been singing since I remember myself, but  I always were afraid of what people may say, that is why I had never chased my dream. when I sew Liam in X-Factor in 2010 I couldn't believe how brave he was for coming back after been rejected, and it make me believe that my time will come, but I have to get some confident ! that is why Liam is my favorite :)

"ok, ok honey Im coming ! and don't worry they will have to wait I have already paid " she said.
after 40 minutes we were there, we enter to the auditorium and all I see was 1D, from right to left and in the center there was a big poster of my 5 favorite boys !! 
Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and my one and only, the perfect Liam Payne . It's kind of funny that he is only two years older then me and I am a little bit addicted to him, its not like something will happened between us but I cant stop it , I mean you sew the way he smiles ?! hoe can I resist ?!?!?! ><

"daniellll" , I heard suddenly from behind , "what happened mom ?" I asked immediately "I have been calling u for the last 5 minutes , where were u ?" she looked at me, "I was here I've been thinking a little" I answered, " a little ha? well we have to take our seats before people will take them !" she claimed , since I have gone with my thought I didn't see that the auditorium was almost full ," why didn't you say it before mom" I complained and start searching our seats ," I give up" my mom said , but I couldn't answer her because I was busy.
after we set down and the auditorium was completely full , the lights went off, the screaming was on, and the show begun...

-End of the show -

"wowwwwww, wowwwww, wowwwww" I kept screaming after they disappeared from stage, "calm down Daniel , what will happened when you'll see them back stage ?" my mom said and asked worry in the same time, "I don't know mom I'm so excited I swear ", I said train keeping my breath "ok relax while I'm going to talk on the phone so they will let us in" mom says and gone without letting me answer.

while I were waiting and getting back my breath to normal, I wanted to go up to the stage just to feel how a famous singer feels. I were up on stage, looking to the empty seats, I don't know why but I start singing my favorite song of One Direction : 

Shut the door, turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this even though I try"

I feel like I'm in heaven, I am on my right place.

"Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face"

stage, I  belong here , this feeling in my stomach I cant deny it !

"If we could only have this life for one more day
If we could only turn back time"

wait, I'm not the only who sing there is someone with me, he is behind me.
he is not waiting for me to reconsidering, his familiar voice makes me sparkles all over my body.

"You know I'll be
Your life, your voice your reason to be
My love, my heart
Is breathing for this"

I turn to face him, I cant believe it. he steps forward, his eyes telling me to sing with him, I obeyed him without thinking to much.

"Moments in time
I'll find the words to say
Before you leave me today"

"wow, your voice is amazing" ,he says but I am not answering , " are you ok ?" he keeps asking , but my lips stuck together , "Daniel ? " another familiar voice come from behind us calling, I finally woke up from frizzing there and turn to face my mom " darling we can go to the back stage to see your idols" she says smiling at me , and then she has to do embarrassing thing " hello there cutie one" she says looking at the lad who sang with me, "mom stop embarrassing me" I begged, "hi Daniel's mom", he answered smiling to us, "you can call me Jasmine", she says smiling back at him ,"ok, I will" he said, "well your name is..?" she asked, "mom you sew a full performance of him !" I whispered to her, but I guess he heard me, "it's ok , my name is Liam, Liam Payne" he says handing her his hand to shake.



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