for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


8. chapter 8

- Liam's P.O.V -
we separate from the kiss after a while for breathing, "I don't want that day to end", she whispered and put hear head on my chest while my fingers caressed her hair, "me neither", I said , and put my other hand on her waist for hugging her tight and close to me, "Li..", she whispered, "yeah?", I asked, "you're chocking me", she said laughing a little, "I'm sorry", I said and released her, "its ok", she smiled to me, I looked at her, "what is it?", she asked and pest her hands on her face to search if there is something on them, "nothing, its just that you're beautiful", I said, and maybe it sounds a little bit kitsch but I don't mind, " you are beautiful", she said smiling and get up from bed, "why and where you go??", I asked with a puppy face, "Li please don't do that face" she begged, "why?", I asked still with the same face, "that face was one of the reasons I fell for you", she answered smiling, I smiled , "what else made you fell for me?",i asked teasing her, "so what we will do now?", she asked changing the subject, "you know that you will have to tell me eventually", I claimed, "maybe, but right now I want to do something and enjoy our time", she said smiling, "so come on get up", she came closer took my hand in her and try to grab me from bed , "come on Li", she begged, and looked at me with innocent face , "fine", I gave up and get up , "what do you want to do?", I asked her while I went to the bathroom to settle my hair, "lets go for a walk", she suggested, "ok but what we can do at 11.p.m. ?" I asked her, "I have a place that I always love been there no matter what the time is it¨, she said , "so what are we waiting for?", I asked without waiting to an answer, took her hand and lead her out, as we went outside the room we sew Niall and Louis sleeping while Zayn and Harry were still watching the movie, "is not over yet?", Daniel asked them and tight her holding on my hand, "no D where you two going?", Zayn asked, "we going for a walk, enjoy the movie", I said to him and starting walking towards the door with Daniel , "Li don't forget we have a rehearse tomorrow at 11 a.m. ", he said to me, "ok, we will not be late", I answered and closed the door behind us

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