for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


5. chapter 5

I hurried up to find Daniel, last time I could see her was when she entered to the lobby, so I went that way. when I entered I sew her standing waiting for the elevator to show up, "Daniel", I called her name and as she turn to face me I sew it. her red wet eyes, she was hurt and so am I.
how I could cause her so much pain?! I hate myself for doing it!

"what do you want?", she asked without looking at me, with her voice I could tell she was mad, sad, hurt and all because of me!
"I want to apologize  on my behaving and explain to you", I said and begged so she will agree to listen to me, she looked at me now, I could see she was confused , "please Liam stop , I just want to be alone,  go to the other lads", she said and faced the elevator that almost get to the lobby floor.
I step forward, I faced Daniel and my back faced the elevator for stopping her to enter, "please listen to what I have to say", I begged again, I hated the thought of her hating me," it doesn't matter, and don't worry when the day will be over I'll leave you alone for good", she announced and left me standing full of word and thoughts I wanted to share with her, don't ask me why but I just stood there watching her leaving without saying another word.
after what happened, I didn't want to go back to the lads so I went to our room, set there by myself , I were mad at myself, every second that past my feeling to Daniel get stronger, for the first time I could believe that love from the first sight may by exist. my head was full of thoughts , that makes me a bad headache that I just fell asleep.

"Li, come on get up !! we don't have time for sleeping !", I heard a familiar voice, "mom give me a sec", I begged, "Li I'm to young for being a mom, and I think I should be a dad", its was Harry's voice, "Harry, what time is it?", i asked still sleepy, "its almost 6 p.m. ,we have a show in one hour", he announced, "shit!, ", I jumped from the sofa, I guess I was really tired if I didn't even get to bed, "where is everyone?", I asked while I hurried for the shower, "they already there," he answered , "and Daniel?", I asked in a low voice after I remembered of what happened , "she went with Zayn , she already in the auditorium", he answered, "ok I'm ready lets get there", I said and we hurried to the car that waited for us in the drive way.
as we entered to the dressing room, only Zayn was there, "were is everyone?", I asked , to be honesT,  I just cared to know where is she, "they went to find some food" he answered , "I want food", whined Harry, "so go find them", suggested Zayn, "I will", he smiled and left me and Zayn alone.

"Zayn , she doesn't want speak or hearing me, she doesn't even want to be with me in the same room", I claimed to Zayn , he is one of my best friends, he always helping me, "I don't want to tell you that, but its kind of your fault", ha said, "like I don't know that", I said, ," she really did something to my heart", I felt sadness, I don't want to fight with her, I want to hug her, to cuddle with her, kiss her, make her feel safe in my arms, I really care about this girl!
"I shouldn't tell you that, but I cant see you like that", he suddenly said, "what is it?", I asked curious, "don't tell Daniel I told you ok?", he pleased, "ok, sure", I agreed, "Daniel told me that she really likes you ,that why she get really hurt from your words, she really thought you like her too", my heart jumped I speak, after what he said there is no way I'm letting her go!
"but I am ! and know what? after the show ends I'm going to tell her how I feel!", I announced, "finally", he almost shouted, "finally what?", asked Louis behind me, as I turn to faced him I sew Harry, Niall and Daniel with him. Daniel ate ice-cream, I think chocolate, "never mind", said Zayn and tried to change the subject, "how is the ice cream little sis?", he asked Daniel , "tasty , do you want to try?", she asked and past me for toward Zayn, she get closer to him for giving him to taste and put some chocolate on his face, "are you serious ?!", Zayn claimed, and she laughed at him, her laugh is the cutest, I just want to grab her and pack her lips !! I couldn't stare her so much so the lads will not noticed it and she will feel emberrased, this is the first time I wished that the show will be over already ! 

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