for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


2. chapter 2

- Liam's P.O.V -

"good job lads, it was a good show everyone !" I said after we ended the show, "yeah it was fun messing around with you hazza", said Niall to Harry, "thanks for knocking me down Ni", said Harry to Niall , "anytime for you" answered Niall and winked at him.
"Li where is your hat ?" Zayn asked me, "ohh I probably forget it on stage, I'll go back there," I said and leave the other lads behind talking about the show.

when I've been near the stage I heard a beautiful voice singing "Moments" from the stage, I step forward to see who has the beautiful voice. on stage there was a girl with curly black long hair, that's was the only thing I sew because her back was in front of me. I don't know why but I wanted to join her singing, so I did it. after hearing me she joined me to the last phrases of the chorus, and I sew her, I sew a beautiful girl. our voices mixed and I loved it.
after we finished singing I wanted to know who is she, but before I needed to tell her that she has an amazing voice. I have tried to speak with her but she was not answering, she looked frozen and to be honest I liked it, I hope that I was the one who did it. after a while without moving, she woke up from her frizzing and answer to a calling that I guess was her mother.

"Daniel?" , that's her name and if you asking me, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, "darling we can go to the back stage to see your idols", I am her idol?!, with her voice she can be my idol ,"hello there cutie one" her mom facing me, I think Daniel may blushed because she answered to her mom with embarrassing face "mom stop embarrassing me", she looked so cute blushing there. 
"hi Daniel's mom" I said smiling at them, "you can call me Jasmine" her mom said to me smiling , she looks like a nice and kind person, "ok I will", I said immediately, "well your name is?" she asked and before I answered Daniel whispered loud if you asking me, to Jasmine, "mom you sew a full performance of him !", I laughed a little but not to much so Daniel will not think that I'm offended her, "it's ok , my name is Liam, Liam Payne", I said and handed my hand to her for shaking, "its nice to meet " she said and answered my hand to shake, Daniel only stood next to her with a shocking face, I swear she looked so cute standing there.
"well I'm guessing you're name is Daniel ", I said to her smiling and winked at her, "you right" she said blushing again but this time her face faced the floor of the stage, "ok honey, listen I'm going to work and you will be with them the entire day and in the evening I will talk to you", Jasmine said to her, "you leaving me alone mom?" she asked with a cute puppy face that probably I wouldn't resist, "no your staying with Liam, and I know he will take care of you, am I right?", she asked and stare at me like she knew what I will answer, "of curse I will " I said immediately so she will not regret , I mean I have already want to know Daniel more so a all day with her will be perfect !!
"ok, so I will leave you two alone, love you baby", Jasmine said and kissed Daniel on the cheek, "bye Liam" ,she waved at me and left us.

"so, how are you?" I asked to break the ice between us, "I'm ok now", she answered and smile a little, "you have a beautiful smile don't be shy", I said to her, "thanks, and if we speaks on smiles you have a beautiful smile as well", she said to me, and she makes me  feel fireworks all over my body, its kind of wired that I know her only for 30 minutes maybe and she makes me feel like that.
"tanks", I said ," so I just want you to know maybe we are One direction but we an human been like you so don't be afraid from us !" I almost begged , I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable, " I will try" she said and smile a me and now I sew her smile very clear.
 after 5 minutes of walking and a little bit of talking, we arrived to our dressing room, "Daniel can you wait so I'll check up if the lads are ready?" I asked her for not only she wouldn't be embarrassed but also I didn't want her to see the lads shirtless.
"ok, I will wait", she said ," good" I said smiling at her and then I left to the dressing room.

- Daniel's P.O.V- 

after Liam enter to the dressing room, I set on the floor trying to understand what happened. Liam heard me singing, he sang with me, he met my mom, and they really got along, she embarrassed me in front of him, he said the I have a beautiful smile. and in any minutes I need to woke up, I swear that it could be only a dream.
but instead of waking up, the dressing room's door was open and Liam was there , " you can come in now" he said smiling his beautiful smile that makes me feel weakness in my legs, "ok", I said trying get up from the floor, "take my hand" Liam said handing me his hand, I took it, "tanks" I said shyly, " stop with the shy", he whispered in to my ear, why is he do that?, I mean its not like something will happened between us.      
I try to ignore the shiver he did to me, and I enter to the dressing room and there they were, "hey, how are you?" asked me the curly one, "name Daniel my is" I forget how to speak and guess what, they already laughed at me, "stop embarrassing her, Daniel it's ok we are only people remember", Liam said to me trying to relax my blushing there, I smiled, " you even cuter in person" I swear I wanted to keep it in mind !! I don't know why it get out from my mouth , but wait a minuet I think that Liam blushed , could it be?

"Liam, why you have a red face?" Niall asked smiling at Liam, "what are you talking about I'm not blushing", he answered, I knew it couldn't be," "actually you kind of are", Zayn said ," stop and listen, this is Daniel and she will be with us all day, so be nice to her", Liam said protectively , I liked that , is not usual that a big pop star being protective for you.
"Daniel we are not monsters , and trust me after a day with us you will see that we actually like you" said Zayn to me, "tanks Zayn" I said to him, he came to me and gave me a hug, "you are not a bad boy as you look" I said smiling at him, "yeah I know" he said winking at me, maybe its only on my mind but I sew that Liam face faced the floor, "Liam are you ok?" I asked whispering near to him, " yeah , I will speak with you later"", he said without looking at me, he walked out of the room. "is he ok?" I asked after Liam was gone, "that's what happened when Liam falls in love", Harry said smiling at me, in love ? who is the lucky one?
"oh, so he is missing her?" I asked with probably a sad face," are you serious?", Niall asked staring at me worriedly , "what do you mean?" I asked confused, " you really dont get it ha.." Louis said, " dont get what?" I asked more confused, "Liam fell in love with you silly one", Zayn said to me and all I can do was frizzing again..

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