Summer love

The love of his life- One summer- One band- One decision
Niall is writing letters to his former partner Jennifer. He's heartbroken and is trying to explain to Jennifer why he had to do what he did. Niall knows there will never be a good enough explanation, but it's worth a try.


1. I can't believe you're packing your bags.....


Dear Jennifer,

I remember it well, the start of the summer. That's when it all started, that's when it was great. You and me, hand in hand, eyes locked. We always knew what to say, never a dull moment. I remember your smile but as the summer started to draw to an end your smile faded, I haven't seen that beautiful smile in weeks since I told you. I regret telling you the way I did, if only there was some other way I could have told you, now I regret it deeply. I've tried to tell you sorry but I feel like your not listening. It wasn't my fault, I had to choose, did I choose wrong ? I don't know and I fear that I'll never know. I remember our first walk in the park, I bought you ice-cream and when you tried to pay me back I refused. But you wouldn't let me spend money on you. But I did. Was I right to do that ? I think so, but I can't think straight lately, not without you. I remember when we had our first kiss, the sky filled with stars, I leaned forwards, not knowing if what I was doing was right but when our lips touched I instantly knew that I made the right decision, the way the sparks flew in my stomach. Did you feel them too ? I hope you did, or the whole summer would have been a lie. You did feel sparks right ? What do I know, you probably won't talk to me, not after what I did ! I broke you, tore you to pieces. I feel I made the wrong choice, I didn't choose right did I ? I'm sorry, I know, I said it a million times but after what I've done to you, I feel like a monster. Torn a innocent girl to pieces. But I'll never forget when you said to me "You're my hero, you protect me and the best part you love me" You followed those words by a kiss. You loved me too right ? I really did love you. I miss your kiss, your warm lips against mine, I did try to protect you, honest. I don't know what happened. But now, now you're leaving. Is it because of me ? I hope not, that would break me more. I heard from Eleanor that you're moving away, to America. You always wanted to live in America, but because of my career you chose to stay with me. I should have chose to stay with you over my career, like you did. You chose to stay with me over a great career opportunity in America. I feel so stupid now ! Will you ever forgive me ? Probably not ! Not after how stupid I've been lately. I'll miss you...

From Niall

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