Summer love

The love of his life- One summer- One band- One decision
Niall is writing letters to his former partner Jennifer. He's heartbroken and is trying to explain to Jennifer why he had to do what he did. Niall knows there will never be a good enough explanation, but it's worth a try.


5. Don't promise me that you'll write...

Dear Niall,

I have received your letters ! I have read every one of them through multiple times. The fact that you blame yourself and remembering our memories. I'm kind of grateful that you admit it, but you're not totally to blame ! One person can't cause all of this pain. I have now found a small apartment, or flat shall I say, in America, near where my new work will be. It's not the same offer as last time, this time they're offering me a lot less. But yes, I chose you over a great career choice. But I didn't want to leave, I wasn't just your girlfriend or best friend but I was part of a family. With Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Perrie and Eleanor - Of course the rest of the crew ! I loved you Niall, I loved you so much. You were my world, you were all I focused on, but of course everything changed ! Maybe I overreacted, I panicked, I didn't want it to be real ! I really didn't. I was wishing for us to have a happy ever after. but of course life isn't a fairy-tale. I will remember everything you said to me ! Word from word ! I too remembered our first kiss, I felt fireworks, everything. It felt right, better than anything I could imagine ! Look I really don't know if you made the right decision, things were great then but things are nearly great now ! I'm in America doing the job I've always wanted to do ! As for you, you can now focus on your career, no worrying about me ! You can now do what you do best, sing and just be Niall; And not broken-hearted Niall, but the Niall I knew, the funny, happy, bubbly Niall. I remember your smile, your laugh. I remember your insecurity with your teeth ! For the record I always found them cute. I want you to move on no more writing letters, forget me ! I will try my best to move on, don't worry about me, really. I've got loads of support from family and friends, I'll be alright.  But until you move on you'll remain broken-hearted and I can't bear to see you on the TV like that. Just move on that's the best thing you can do for me.

From Jennifer

Credit to Gen_love for the idea of Jennifer writing a letter !

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