Perfectly Imperfect


2. Love

Megan's P.O.V.

This is it...We were already getting ready. Ela still wears the same shoes but not the outfit. She was wearing a white crop top like Perrie Edwards...She still wears short shorts but this time, it's a black one. Her make-up is simple...just a mascara and a pink lip gloss. She have the same bag with her when i picked her up at the airport...She borrowed my curler and she curled her hair...I wore a loose blue blouse and a short shorts. I also curled my hair like Ela. We also had the same make-up. I wore my new flats...It's black. I had my black luggage bag with me...
"You ready?" Ela asked me smiling
"Ready." I said smiling.

My parents drove us to the airport.

                                             *HOURS HAS PASSED BY*

"HELLO LONDON!" I shout. People are looking at me but I don't care...I'M LIVING IN MY DREAM BITCHES!
"Megan, stop. Shhh!!" Ela said covering my mouth...She take it off after a second though
"Can we shop at some stores first before we go to your home?" I said smiling
"Aren't you too tired because of our flight? And, you bought SO MANY clothes in L.A." She asked smiling
"Not really, why? are you already tired?...And, Erm, for your second question, THIS IS LONDON IDOIT! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY WHOLE LIFE TO GO HERE. *whispers* thanks to you. And, besides, I just want you to tour me around London."
"You want me to tour you now?" Ela asked me...She sound not sure if she's gonna say 'YES' or 'NO'...i just nod to her question.
"But what about your luggage?" Ela said
"I don't care..Just tour me around London!" I said while rolling my eyes
"ADICT!" Ela said smirking
It became silent for a second...Then Ela broke it.
"I'm not specifically tired...maybe 1/2 tired." She said smiling
I smiled back..."So is it a 'Yes' or a 'No'?" I looked at her waiting for a 'Yes' answer.
She sighed "Fine, yes."
I hugged her while saying 'Thank you'...
"Oh, i forgot to tell you...1D will be having a concert here." Ela said smiling
"Oh My GAWD! When?!?!" I asked smiling
"Tomorrow...Don't have enough money to buy a ticket anymore...I spent it with the L.A. ticket and London tickets." Ela said frowning then I did also. 

Note: If your too excited because of something...Bad luck happens. 

We went to the Big Ben, and a lot of shops and stores...The last place we went is Starbucks. Ela ordered a brewed coffee. I ordered a Cappucino. We we're just walking for the whole day. It was fun. We saw a guy running with some bunch of girls chasing him. We didn't see his face..He was running too fast..Anyway, too bad we're going home. We walked over to Ela's house..

When Ela was just opening the gate...A guy hold me around my waist and drag me to the bushes. He was holding my mouth also...He took it off when a group of girls left. He help me stand up. I was taking off all the leaves that is covering me. My hair, my clothes..
"Megan, it's Harry Styles." Ela said covering her mouth
"Stop it! I'm not a fool, Ms. Anna Mikhaela Lizaso" I said giggling at the end
The guy giggled too. 
"Here, let me help you." The guy said. His voice sounds like Harry so i lift my head up to looked at him...Guess what?!? IT'S HARRY FUCKING STYLES...asfghjkl That's it! Someone call 911...Cause baby, somebody is having a...*Demi Lovato tone* HEART ATTACK!
He smirked at me
"I'm really sorry." Harry said helping me taking the leaves off of me
"It's....uhm....erm....fine. I'm..okay. " I said smiling at him. I am trying hard not to scream.
"Ya sure? What's that on your knees and elbow?" Ela said smiling
"Oh, shit, i'm really sorry, it's because of me." Harry said looking at it
"No i'm fine. It's not your fault. It's just a bruise." I said smiling a little. But it really hurts by the way.
"A bleeding bruise? Nice one Megan!" Ela said winking
"This is not just a bruise- - - - -.what's your name again?" Harry said
"Megan." I said smiling
"Can we go inside now?" Ela said smiling
"Yes, please." Harry said putting my arms around his shoulders
"By the way, you two are giving me such a creeps" Ela said smirking
Me and Harry both laughed. Ela opened the gate of their house.
"Careful." Harry told me. Aww! Love the way he cared for me. I just smiled at him.
When Ela opened the door. There was no one home. Harry put me on the couch.
"Uhm. Where are  your parents?" I asked Ela
"They went to Las Vegas. They're there for 2 months." Ela said handing Harry the Aid Kit.
"What are they doing in there?" I asked her
"I don't know. Probrably, about business or something like that." Ela said helping Harry to cure my wound
"Anyone wants a drink?" Ela asked us while smiling
"Water." Harry said smiling but not looking at her. He's completely focused on my wound. Ela pointed me
"Well, uhm, let me guess, coffee, juice, water, tea, wine, beer, frappuccino." I told her smiling.
"Fuck You!" Ela laughed. "No, seriously, what?" She said raising an eyebrow at me
"Same with Harry." I smiled. She went to the kitchen to get a water then she opened the television once she got back to give it to us.
"Done. Now, let me call Niall to tell the other lads where i am." Harry said smiling. He can really be a nurse by the way.
He reached out his phone in his pocket and dialled Niall's number. Ela was trying to look at it and I laughed...While Harry was talking to Niall. I was talking to Ela.
"Hear that? Niall might come here to pick up Harry OR he will stay here till' tomorrow with Louis, Liam and Zayn." I said almost panicking
"Megan, look, we're just a nobody. I'm pretty sure Niall wouldn't like me. Harry seems like to like you but Niall and me. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS." Ela said smiling. She copied Zayn's accent at 'NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS'. But i know she wants Niall to like her. I KNOW IT! 
"Ela,---" Harry cut me off
"Sorry to disturb, what is the address of this house?" Harry said kinda raising his left eyebrow. Ela told Harry the address. Harry nod and lip sync "Thank you." He's polite, eh? Ela winked at Harry.
Then i continued it. "Ela, i know who you are. I can see it in your eyes that you want Niall to like you." She just rolled her eyes. I continued it. "Remember when we went to the 1D concert last last year? That was Take Me Home tour?" She nod "I told you that we don't have a chance for them..." Ela smiled almost crying "You told me that 'Don't give up. What if that chance was right infront of you just few steps but you gave up?' Do you still remember that?" Ela half smiled and wiped the tears that are falling. She's really emotional.
"I didn't gave up starting on that day...Thanks to you...And now, looks like it's my turn to tell you that...DON'T GIVE UP. What if that chance was right infront of you just few ste--" I stopped because someone knocked on the door.
"I'll get--woah! What happened to you? I just called Niall for minute and then your face is a mess" Harry said smiling
"Nothing." Ela said laughing. Harry just nod awkwardly
"Looks like this is it!" I said winking at her then smiled. Ela wiped the tears on her face. I told her to go to the bathroom first so she can fix her self. Her face was a mess because of her mascara. When Harry opened the door. The boys said 'hi' to me and hugged me AND kissed me on the cheek. ONE BY ONE...GAWD! STAHP IT BOYS YOU KNOW IT KILLS MEH!!! I'M A WALKING DEAD. I CAN WALK or MOVE BUT DARLING? I'M DEAD. Ela is taking too long. Did i told her to clean the bathroom? Hell, she's missing the fun.

Ela's P.O.V.

I'm scared to get out of my room. Megan said "go to the bathroom to fix yourself." Instead, i went to my room to fix myself. I changed my clothes, remove my make-up...and things and stuffs. Besides, I'm thinking to go to the grocery store to buy LOADS of food. Megan likes food. Pretty sure she will get mad at me when my fridge doesn't have much food. I was wearing a white tank top (no design) and a gray jacket. (Unzipped) And for my buttom, I wore a neon pink jean short shorts. I also wore my Black Floral Doc Martens Combat Boots. I just ponnied my black hair. (By the way I'm from Philippines. If you're also from Philippines then, Hi! Nice to meet you.) I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed...i picked up my phone which is right on my side...and put it in my pocket. I had my black shoulder bag with me. I went out of my room. As i walked down the stairs, I saw everyone laughing. I sat with Megan.
"Oh, hey babe! Guys, this is Ela. Ela this---Oh! Don't need." Megan said smiling.
I said 'hi' to them. I hugged each one of them. I talked with them...
I told my pass life...I told them EVERYTHING about me.
"You're so good at making people laugh!" Harry said laughing
"Everyone said the same thing." I smiled. "Oh, damn." I looked at my black watch.
"What is it?" Megan said
"I was about to go to the grocery store..." I said. I bite my buttom lip and look at my watch again. "I'm coming with you..." Megan said while fixing her hair "You guys coming?" She pointed the lads
"What kind of question is that? Do you want them to be chase with some bunch of girls again?" I asked her crossing my arms. Niall giggled. 
"Yeah, right. Will be back." Megan said fixing her self...putting make-up, etc. 
"Of course we will. Duh?" I said waiting for her. Niall let out a chuckle. 
"Yeah, whatever!" Megan said rolling her eyes. "Bye guys!"
"Wait!" Niall said grabbing my hand "I'll come with you."
I looked at him straight in the eye. "Niall, what if... " he cut me off
"I don't care. This will be the last time we will see you guys...and then tomorrow we'll leave early...we have to get ready to the concert tomorrow night." I looked at him. "If Niall will go, then...we'll go." Louis said standing from the couch
"Fine. C'mon." I said kinda rolling my eyes.
Louis was the one who was driving. Liam turned the radio on, then...22 by Taylor Swift was playing..
"Yeah, we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the best way..." I was singing to it. Then I pointed Megan.
"It's miserable and magical." Megan said rolling her eyes and acting the words
"Oh, yeah, tonight's the night we won't forget about the hearbreak" I sang it then i look at Megan
"It's time..." 
"Oh, oh," we both sang it...and also the chorus...We were copying Taylor...Harry kept laughing and laughing. All of them, actually, They all sang along with us. Even, Harry...
When we got to the grocery store. Niall picked A LOT of food saying, "This tastes good. You should buy it/try it." He said that for almost ALL the food in the grocery. The boys were stopping him for doing that but he said he's the one who will pay for those things. So, we let him. Harry talked to Niall while we're paying for the food we bought. Harry looks like explaining somthing. Niall looked away then backed to Harry's face and shaked his head. Like, he's saying no or something. And, smiled at Harry.
"Do you think you know what they're talking about?" I asked Megan.
"Eh..Nope. Looks like it's about us." 
"How did you kn---" Megan covered my mouth with her point finger and pointed Harry and Niall. I looked at them and, well, they are both looking at us. HU-WOT? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I looked away and smiled at the cash register. Anyway, we had so much fun. It was cool. Niall is always staring at Megan and Harry which is creepy. I walked towards Niall, "Hey, what's wrong?" Niall looked at me and said, "Oh Nothing." he faked smiled. "Nothing?" I chuckled and added, "I know there's something." He looked right in to my eyes and kissed me. Worst thing, i kissed him back and I remember we we're in the grocery store. I backed away and looked at Megan, her hand flew to her wide open mouth. Harry furrowed his eyes and grab Megan. Suddenly, something flashed on my face. I looked at it, and, paparazzi is taking pictures of us. I looked at Niall, he hugged me and said, "I'm sorry, I can't control it." I backed away and just said, "Let's go." and smiled fakely. MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO SEE THIS!! NO! 

We went home...tired and sleepy.  Forgetting what happened.
"Guess we are sleeping at your house..." Liam said looking at me and Megan. I just made the "hmp" sound cause i'm really tired.

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