Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


14. Young & Beautiful

Its been 2 weeks since Joeys come to stay with us
But we don't talk much
I feel...empty....Unusual 
I tend to zone or black out from time to time
I walked into my brothers room and ran my fingers ever his bed where he use to lie
I walked to his closet and grabbed his favorite shirt
I sniffed it and i felt tears build up in my eyes
Wenesday was when we found out 
Two soldiers at our door
I still have his dog tag from when he first came back
Each time Joey would try to cheer me up, it would work for a while
Then id feel sorrow in my heart for being happy while hes dead
Joey said we were going somewhere today
I hope its away from here
I looked at my wrist, clean. I looked at my thighs, and just sighed.

I looked at Joey as we drove the limit down the highway.
This is close to our school. But i dont remember taking the highway to get to school.
He drove up to a parking lot of an unknown place
I watched as he went around to my side
His eyes were careful and loving
I took his hand and he helped me out of the car
I looked around and felt the coldness of winter hit my body
Joey wrapped his arms around me and Music began to play through the trees
The lights on the tree's lit up and the fountain in the middle shot water out of the top
I stared in awe at how beautiful it was
He leaded me to a bench and sat me down
"Do you remember this place?" He asked soothingly
"It seems so familier" I whispered looking around at the tree's blowing in the wind
"This is where we first kissed" He whispered

"You look beautiful tonight"I felt my cheeks warm and butterflies fill my stumach
"Thank you, you dont look to shabby yourself" I whispered and he  chuckled
"You know im not as bad as you think", he whispered and i looked at him
"What do you mean?" I asked and he chuckled
"Im a softy actually" he said and i put my head on his shoulder
"Well great" i said and looked at him
"Wanna go somewhere thats less of a downer" He said and i nodded
He grabbed my hand and we ran towards the parking lot

"where are we going joey" His hand never let go of mine, and i didnt mind
But i felt really guilty
"Youll see" He said with a smile you can hear in his voice
I looked up from the ground and was in awe
A park with lights wrapped around all the trees and a small bend with a light chandelier
He swung our hands and we sat down on the bench together
"You know...." Hiss voice trailed off to the sound of chimes
"What?" I whispered and a breeze flew threw the trees
"I see you with him, and all i want is you to myself. I get so angry and wish i was him"
My eyes studied his face, in disbelief

He grabbed my face and my lips were against his
I was taken by surprise so i wasnt able to kiss back.
He sighed and pulled away
"Joey" i whispered and he looked me in the eyes "I have a boyfriend"
I whispered and he laughed and shook his head
" I know, but i dont care"
And with that we kissed under falling leaves and sparkling stars

I felt His hand cuff my cheek and a tear fell down my cheek
"I love you Joey" I whispered and his eyes lit up
"I love you to MarziBear"
I giggled and he kissed me softly
"Marzia?" He muttered under his breath and i looked at his green sparkly eyes
"I never had the chance to ask you this.."
He turned around then back to me, but when he turned, he held a long small black velvet box
I blushed and he opened it revealing a necklace with two hearts and a flower 
I turned and lifted my hair for him to place the necklace on me
I turned and he grabbed my hand
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Even if it sounds cheezy, i nodded and threw my arms around his neck
"Im gonna say thats a yes?" He asked and I nodded with tears flooding down my face'

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