Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


4. The Dance

"Goodmorning love" My mom said cheerful and i smiled.
"Morning mom" i said hopping out of bed.
I jumped out of bed and hopped in the shower
As i exited, the doorbell rang
I pulled a big tshirt down and walked downstairs to the door. 
I opened it and joey was smiling while leaning against my door frame. 
"Who is it Honey?" My mom said while opening the fridge. 
"Uhm, a telemarketer. It'll take a minuet"I yelled back and closed the door behind me
"What are you doing here?" I asked and he smiled. 
"Im here to ask you to the dance", He said and looked threw the window. 
"But seems like you already have a date", I shrugged and he chuckled
"Ill talk to you later, i guess bye", He said and half frowned
I frowned and kissed his cheek
I mouthed 'im sorry' and waved goobye as he drove away

"What about this" carrie said hovering my dress above me
"To gaudy" Destery said and i  shrugged
"This?" She picked up and destery answered "To short"
I got up and went to look for a dress.
"How about this?" I picked a plain black dress and laced panty hose 
"Yeah, thats cute" Destery said and i smiled
"Lets go pay and get ready", She spoke and i chuckled
"Ill meet you at your place at 8"
Destery kissed my cheek and i smiled waving goodbye
"Lets get you dressed and ready marzibear" She said and pulled my arm to the cash register

I watched as Carrie straightened my hair and did my makup 
My face seemed a whole lot different then it usually does
I never wear this much makeup but it doesnt look that bad
I put on my dress and sprayed purfume on
"Marzia, Destery's here"
My mom said and i nodded walking downstairs
He smiled and kissed my hand waiting for us to leave

"Ill be right back" Destery said aswe walked into the door
I nodded and watched as carrie ran off with her date
I walked to a punch table and got a cup
I drank it and my throat burned
I began coughing and i heard a chuckle
"Sam and Jai spiked it honey", I nodded and took another sip
"So wheres your date?" i asked and he smiled
"Well i didnt really ask anyone after i asked 
I frowned and looked to see destery dancing with a group of girls
I looked down and Joey noticed
"Wanna go get some air?"
I nodded and he grabbed my hand walking outside with me
"You look beautiful tonight"I felt my cheeks warm and butterflies fill my stumach
"Thank you, you dont look to shabby yourself" I whispered and he  chuckled
"You know im not as bad as you think", he whispered and i looked at him
"What do you mean?" I asked and he chuckled
"Im a softy actually" he said and i put my head on his shoulder
"Well great" i said and looked at him
"Wanna go somewhere thats less of a downer" He said and i nodded
He grabbed my hand and we ran towards the parking lot

"where are we going joey" His hand never let go of mine, and i didnt mind
But i felt really guilty
"Youll see" He said with a smile you can hear in his voice
I looked up from the ground and was in awe
A park with lights wrapped around all the trees and a small bend with a light chandelier
He swung our hands and we sat down on the bench together
"You know...." Hiss voice trailed off to the sound of chimes
"What?" I whispered and a breeze flew threw the trees
"I see you with him, and all i want is you to myself. I get so angry and wish i was him"
My eyes studied his face, in disbelief
he put his palm on my cheek and i put my hand ontop of his
I kissed his nose and he put his arms around my waist
I cuddled up to him and he nuzzled my head in his neck
"If your friends were ever to find out that you like me, they'd kill you right?" 
He looked down and i sighed, and stood up
He grabbed my wrist and i looked at him
"please dont" he whispered and i felt my eyes begin to sting
"This is wrong Joey. I have a boyfriend. Im a loser and your a jock. Were opposites"
He stood up and put his hand on my cheek 
"Opposites attract"
A tear fell from my eyes and i shook my head
"I barley know you, and you only talked to me when you want something"
I took his hand off my cheek gently
"I was afraid tha-"
"That what joey!?...That youd get teased for talking to me? That youd become less popular"
He grabbed my face and my lips were against his
I was taken by surprise so i wasnt able to kiss back.
He sighed and pulled away
"Joey" i whispered and he looked me in the eyes "I have a boyfriend"
I whispered and he laughed and shook his head
" I know, but i dont care"
And with that we kissed under falling leaves and sparkling stars
"Lets go, its getting really late"
We walked back to the school and found his car
Once he drove up to my house, I looked at him and he smiled at me
"wanna come in and meet my mom?"
I asked and he shrugged
"Sure" I smiled and we walked inside.
"Mommy im home"
I yelled and no one answered
There was a note on the table saying she went to aunt nets house
I sighed and felt hands on my waist
I turned and joey kissed me with so much passion
His hands touched me as if i were to shatter into a million peices
I tippy toed to reach his height and out lips moved perfectly together
I heard a doorbell ring and I snapped out of it
I walked to the door and looked out the peep hole
I opened it and destery popped through the door engulfing me in a hug
causing my stumach to drop and guilty thoughts run through my mind
"Where did you go? i was so worried.  what is he doing here?"
He gave Joey a glare and i rolled my eyes
"He took me home because i wasnt having fun
I said silently while joey went along with it
"So what have you guys been doing?"
He raised his eyebrow and i panicked untill joey answered
"I helped her with chores"
Destery rolled his eyes and i nodded
"I better get going, see yah Marzia"
I waved goodbye and once he closed the door destery's grip tightened 
"I dont like you hanging out with him"
I looked at him confused
"Since when can i not hang out with someone?"
He looked taken back and shocked
"You can leave" i said sternly and he furrowed his eyebrows while he stomped out the door
slamming the door in the process

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