Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


5. Keep This A Secret

I enetered school feeling diffrent
Feeling as if i was a terrible person
I am a terrible person, I cheated on my boyfriend
I feel horrible every time he touches me, because i dont diserve his love
I usually shrug him off, and when i get home spend time with joey
we havnt kissed since that night, and my moms usually home when hes around
I looked around to not find Destery where he usually is
"Hey boobear, Des said he cant come to school"
I frowned and she sighed
"I guess were alone at lunch"
"I guess so" i said with a hint of sadness
"Well ima get to Mr. Burts class early, you know how he is" I nodded and she gave e a hug befor walking off
"Hey, wheres lover boy?" Joey asked and i rolled my eyes
"Out sick" I said and he smiled and leaned on the locker next to me
"What are you doing!?" I whispered/yelled
He gave me a questioning look
I dragged him outside and he still looked confused
"You cant be seen with me remember!" I yelled and he nodded 
"We cant tell anyone about...what ever 'this' is"
I said gesturing between us
"Ok fine, but what are we gonna do?"
He said and pulled me closer to him
I sighed and put my head on his chest
"I have no idea"
He kissed my head and i moved away
"Ill be at your window by 9, you better be awake" He said looking in my eyes
I nodded and he walked away
I walked the opposite way and walked to class 

"Mrs. Heart, i suspect you have something to excuse your lateness?"
I sighed and sat down without answering
"Mrs. Heart, im speaking to you" He said a little bit more sturn
"Im on my fucking period , there! Theres an answer!" I answered and everyone store at me
Joey turned around and smirked at me
I laughed a tiny bit and Mr. Burt narrowed his eyebrows
"Do you want detention mrs. Heart?" He asked and i furrowed my eyebrows 
I felt carries eyes burning into my skull.
"Ok back to the lesson" He said and i felt a hand on my knee.
I smiled and joey took it away to start the lesson

I looked out at the sky while me and Carrie talked under the tree
Lunchtime is my relaxation time
"I think i want to be a tattoo artist" Carie said and i smiled
"Youd be one hot tattoo artist" She smiled and i sat up taking a bite out of my apple
"Why are you not eating Marzia" Carie whispered and i shrugged
"Its been like this for a while, im never hungry" ,i said quietly
I felt my phone go off and i looked at the text
From destery: I Miss You Babe

The another message popped up
From Joey: You look beautiful in the sunset

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