Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


12. Everyone Knows

Everyone looked at me funny
Did i do something wrong? I only kissed Joey.
The girls all scowled at me and the guys looked at me like perverts.
I hid behind my hair and slid back in my chair.
I looked at Spencer and he winked at me.
I smiled trying to hold back laughter and looked down.
I felt my tummy turn when i saw Joey look at me from the corner of my eye.
I raised my hand and Mr. Burt looked at me with a cold eyes
"Yes ms. Heart?" He asked and i rolled my eyes
"Can i go to the bathroom"
"Be back in 5 minuets or else its principle's office"
I nodded and took the pass from his desk

Joey finally stepped out of the classroom.
I'm guessing Mr.Burt fell asleep
He smiled down at me and i blushed
"So why today?"
He asked and i shrugged backing up into the lockers
He put his hand beside my head and i felt his hand on my waist.
"What is this? What the hell is going on?"
Destery said snapping us out of our thoughts.
I gulped and looked at Destery.
Joey pushed me behind him and came face to face with Destery.
Destery was almost the same hieght and was alot scronnier than Joey
"What do you want?" Joey looked at Destery with cold eyes
 I took a hold of Joey's hand and he interwinded our fingers making me feel a little safer
"How long has this been going on? I mean come on. 
You were at her house everytime i would come over. I bet you got her pregnant.
You know what, i bet she's pregnant with someone else's baby.
Because thatss how much of a ugly slut she is"
I saw Destery get knocked on the ground and thrown up against the lockers
I jumped back and covered my mouth feeling useless in the situation
Everyone came rushing out of the classrooms and watched Joey beat the shit out of Him.
"Joey Stop!"
I yelled and he froze, dropping Destery's shirt and Destery held his nose
He looked at me and his dark eyes softened into a Light Green
"Mr.Graceffa & Ms.Heart to the office immediately!!"
I sighed and Joey put his hand on the small of my back, leading me to the office

"What the hell happened?!" My mom said walking in and Joey waved
 Sitting there holding an ice pack to his jaw
"I'll explain when we get hom", I whispered and she scowled as she signed me out of school
As we drove home in an uncomfertable silence, i thought about Joey
And what was happening to him right now
If he was going to be in serious trouble or if his parents are not gonna care
I sighed and We pulled up to the house
I entered and put my bag on the hat hanger
"Explain" She said sternly and pointed to the couch
I sat down and looked at her
"Destery called me a ugly slut and said that i was pregnant , so Joey got mad and punched him
multiple times"
My mom frowned and looked me in the eyes
"Are you pregnant Marzi?"
I bursted out laughing and my mom sighed in relief
"Thank god"
I smiled and she hugged me , and then went to the kitchen
"Want some ice cream?" I nodded and she chuckled
"Cotton Candy or postachio?"
"Postachio please?"
She chuckled and i put on our regular ice cream movie, Monsters inc.

The movie had ended and we were rinsing out our bowls when there was a knock at the door.
"Ill get it" My mom says and i took her bowl and began washing it.
I turned to see Joey with a tote bag and a luggage bag.
"My parents kicked me out...can i stay at your place?"

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