Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


17. Drop Dead

I hugged my mom as she exited the door
I waved and Joey wrapped his arms around me
I sighed and shut the door before turning towards him
"Party time?" I asked with a smirk and hie put his thumb on my chin
"Party time baby" I giggled and we grabbed the credit card from the table

"GREAT PARTY!! Sam Pepper yelled over the Loud music 
I giggled and drunk Joey swayed me back and forth
All of a sudden, there was yelling and I ran through the crowd of people
"KEEP YOUR  HANDS OFF OF HER!" My eyes widened as Sam clenched 
I grabbed Ari's hand and pulled her away from the scene 
I got in between them and the other guy swung, obviously not paying attention
I felt my head swung to the side and fell to the floor
I clenched my head and everyone store at me
"What the hell do you think your doing?"
Sam and Joey Stood infront of me
Ari grabbed me and took me to the restroom

"Do you think their ok?" I asked and she smiled while wetting a napkin
"The 2 quarterbacks against a pervert, oh yeah, their ok"
I tried to laugh, but my face began to sting
I flinched and she looked at me with sadness
"It'll be gone by after tommarow" She said taping the wet towel to my face
I glanced at the door and she chuckled
"Their making everyone leave, dont worry"
I smiled and looked down
When she was done we went downstairs to find them still fighting
They finished him off and he stood up to spit
"She diserved it anyways"
The guy said and walked out the door limping
Sam frowned and walked out with ari giving me a hug
Joey kept quiet and i looked at him
My eye's watered and i began to sob
"Why are you crying" Joey asked sounding pissed
I gawked and laughed sarcasticly 
"'She diserved it' that didnt make you mad at all?"
I asked as tears rushed down my face
"Of coarse it did" He yelled and i felt taken back
"Why didnt you stand up for me then" I yelled back 
He grabbed a glass vase and threw it at the wall
"I did enough dont you think" He screamed and his face was pure hell
I stayed silent and grabbed my purse
"Where are you going now?" He asked and i turned to him, more tears falling down
"I cant kick you out, so im leaving" I whispered and he ran towards me and grabbed my wrist
"Dont" He said with anger and plead in his eyes
I yanked my arm away and walked to my car
He walked outside and watched me drive away while running his hand through his hair

I parked at the empty parking lot and stared out the blank window
I began to sob and clutched the steering wheel
Im so stupid. i cant do anything right.
I sobbed for about 15 minuets, untill there was a knock at my window
I turned to see Carrie and Spencer
I wiped my eyes and unlocked the car doors
"Its ok boo bear" Carrie said sitting down then instantly taking me in his arms
I sobbed and Spencer rubbed my back
"I cant go home..." I whispered
"How about you guys stay at my house, my mom wont mind", Spencer suggested and i nodded
"Well we kinda walked here so can you take us to his house?" Carrie asked
I giggled and we drove to his house and i spent the night

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