Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


21. Dont

Have you ever felt like you were missing somthing?

Like you were full of depression and regret, but didnt know why?

I feel like that...but i dont know why

Joey and I are on our way to the Hospital to have a check up

"Were here" Joey breathed and i sighed grabbing his hand

"Nervous?" I asked raising my eyebrow

He nodded quickly, gulping and squeezing my hand

"Lets go, come on" I whispered, taking off my seatbelt

We walked into the hospital for kids, and saw a bunch of children running around

My heart fluttered seeing the children giggling

"Marzia and Joey" A doctor called out

She looked up from her clipboard 

He began to shake and i giggled

"Calm down, its just a sonagram" I whispered 

He nodded and we entered walking into a big hallway

"Follow me" She spoke and we did as told

We followed her untill we reached a small room with a lay lack chair

And a small monator to look at our baby


"Ok" The doctor squeezed the gel on my stumache

and began running the thing over it

"Thats your baby" He spoke and a small figure appeared on the screen

"Thats odd" He spoke and my heart stopped

"Whats odd?" I asked and he sighed , standing up

"Ill be back" He spoke and i felt my heart sinking

He was gone for about 2 minuets and stuck his head through the door

"Joey, can i speak to you?" He spoke and my eyes watered

"Ok" He kissed my forehead before walking out of the room

They left the door open to where i could see them, but not hear them

But by the look of him, it didnt seem so good


"What is it?" I asked breaking the silence as we entered the car

I turned to joey, to see him crying, but trying to hide it

"The baby... "He whispered, clenching his jaw and sniffling

"The baby has no heartbeat" He spoke, swalloing his spit

"Joey.." I spoke in disbelief "Stop lying"

He shook his head, bitting his lip, and gazed in my eyes

Thats when it hit me, thats when i knew it was true

My eyes watered and my heart shattered

"No.." I whispered and he grabbed my hand

"We have a doctors appointment appointment to take her out tuesday"

I sobbed in my palms, feeling knifes in the chest each second he talked

"It was a girl?" I asked and he nodded letting go of his lip, sucking in a big breath

"Yeah" He spoke and turned my head to look at his tear streamed face

"Were going to get through this together" He spoke, kissing my forhead

He engulfed me in a hug and i shook in his arms

We held eachother for a while, just sitting there, holding onto what got us here

Our love

Our hearts

And like the song goes

'Smile tho your heart is aching'

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