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Calum Hood. That's me.
I'm the new kid on the block.
I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to.
I liked my old life.
I loved it in fact.
I was the popular kid in school, with a banging girlfriend who just happened to e the head cheerleader. My sister, Mali Hood, got offered a fashion job here in Oz, and my parents just expected me to drop my life and move half way around the world for her.

But what if moving to Aus wasn't such a bad idea after all?
Well, it can only go up from here.


2. Chapter two

As I pulled into this old-looking car park, I turned the car off and climbed out, taking a hold of my bag before closing the door shut. I securely locked the vehicle and slung my bag over my shoulder before heading through the crowd of people heading towards the old large building located in front of me.


Which was the school.


I pushed the heavy double doors open and hundreds of sets of eyes landed on me. all the chatters stopped and it was dead silent. like if someone was to drop a pin, you would hear it.



I confidently walked down the hallway, earning some gazes from girls that were pretty hot. I turned to face one of them and gave her a wink before continuing to walk. Her friends squealed in excitement which caused me to chuckle a little. I mean although I'm used to it, because I used to get it a lot back home, it still boosts my confidence. Makes me feel good about myself.


I dug my hand into my left jean pocket, rummaging around until I felt a small piece of paper. I pulled it out and studied the now crumbled paper clutched in my hand, remembering the numbers in my head.




I lifted my head back up and searched for the large numbers scribbled along a locker. Once my eyes connected with my locker, I strolled towards it.


I swung the door open and threw my bag inside, pulling out my books and searching for my timetable. I felt someone nudge my shoulder, so I tensed up a bit, before turning to face this person I could guess you could say.


His face was buried inside his locker like what I previously was doing. And his locker just happened to be next to mine. I hope this guy wasn't a douche bag. I cleared my throat which caused him to step back a bit and look directly at me.


"Hey, I know you from somewhere..." he trailed off.

"Yeah, I moved next door to you." I shrugged. His face relaxed, before he threw a smile at me.

"Well... I'm Ashton. and your Calvin right?" he said, pulling out his glasses case from his bag, and sliding his frames on his face.

"It's um Calum haha." I chuckled.

"Oh I'm sorry! I'm not good with names." he apologised.

"It's fine. I'm not good either." I said, leaning on my shoulder so I was resting on the locker.

"So how are you liking Australia so far?" he questioned me, trying to make small talk.

"Well you know its um-" I stopped talking as someone interrupted me, causing my attention to focus on the voice, as I couldn't see them.


"Please Travis, just leave me alone" an innocent sounding girl pleaded.

"Come on baby. you know you want it." a guy seductively spoke.

My head instantly turned back around to Ashton, who was no longer there. I searched around for him but he was no where to be seen. Suddenly, I heard some banging near me, so I searched around once more until my eyes landed on a toilet sign. I walked directly across the hall and pushed the door open trying not to draw attention to myself, ha for once, and my jaw dropped open as I watched the incident unfold in front of me.


Punches were thrown, kicks were used, and constant yelling rang through my ears.

"Don't ever touch her again you hear me!" Ashton yelled, throwing another punch to the side of this Travis kids head. I stood frozen at the door, not knowing what to do.

Travis kept back chatting Ashton, and you could tell he was furious.

"She's my fucking sister!" he screamed, swinging his leg and coming in contact with the side of the now bruised and bleeding guy, who was curled up on the floor. He went to do it again, but I couldn't see this guy get any more beaten up.


"STOP!" I screamed, causing Ashton to stare directly at me. He stopped what he was doing and instantly turned pale, walking backwards until his back hit the tiled wall. He slid himself down the wall, and just sat there. Tears welled up in his eyes as he turned his head to face one of the stalls.


"I'm sorry Emma." he whispered.


I slowly walked over to the guy lying on the floor, and crouched down, checking to see if he was okay. Besides the fact he was bruised everywhere, and had a blood nose and a busted lip, he was fine. I stood up and walked over to Ashton next, and sat down beside him.


"Ashton... why?" I softly asked.

"I was just protecting my sister." he whispered. Wait, Ashton had a sister? I had never seen her before. and soon enough, the door to the stall swung open. A small, petite girl stood in the doorway, with her long, brown curly hair flowing down her back. Her make-up was all streaked down her face, indicating she had been crying. She looked at Ashton, then back at me, still standing frozen, shaking ever so slightly.


I recognised her. She was the one from the skate park. The one that always had guys surrounding her. The one that didn't actually skate, but was just down there to look good. The one that always took guys behind the bushes for a quickie. The one who... yeah well I think you get the point.



I just never would have pictured her being Ashton's sister.

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