Changed | c.h

Calum Hood. That's me.
I'm the new kid on the block.
I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to.
I liked my old life.
I loved it in fact.
I was the popular kid in school, with a banging girlfriend who just happened to e the head cheerleader. My sister, Mali Hood, got offered a fashion job here in Oz, and my parents just expected me to drop my life and move half way around the world for her.

But what if moving to Aus wasn't such a bad idea after all?
Well, it can only go up from here.


10. Chapter ten

I grabbed my jacket and ran out the opened door, deciding to chase after her. As much as I was angry, my feelings were stronger. 

I searched left and right for her but she wasn't in sight. I walked another 10 minutes and came across the local skatepark I was always used to. 

I walked down and soon found her, crouched by the beach nearby. I walked up and wrapped my arms behind her, cuddling her. She tilted her head back and rested it in the crook of my neck, sighing heavily. 

"Are you okay?" I whispered in her hair, kissing it softly. 
"No." She sighed, another tear falling from her perfect eyes. 
"What's wrong?" I asked, removing my grip with her, standing up and crouching in front of her, blocking her view of the ocean. I pushed a piece of loose hair behind her ear, and cupped her cheek. I leaned in and kissed her lips softly, and it took her by surprise. I quickly pulled away after a few seconds, not knowing whether she enjoyed it or not. 

Soon enough she grabbed my hair and crashed her lips against mine again, this time with more passion. 

After a few minutes we pulled away from our make out session and breathed heavily, smiling widely at each other. 

"I was a virgin before we had sex." She whispered, her beautiful smile fading. She cupped a handful of sand between her legs, before letting it seep through her fingers. 

I shot my head up and stared directly into her crystal eyes. 

Was she playing a joke with me? 

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